Jul 28, 2009

BBC Drops Robin Hood

Many sources confirm that the BBC will not continue a Season 4 of
Robin Hood.

Greg Brenman, head of drama at Tiger Aspect which made the show said, "We have been immensely proud to be the most recent custodians of the Robin Hood legend. From the outset it was our ambition to find an exciting and modern way of interpreting our version of the hero and his legendary life. We have had a fantastic time creating and producing Robin Hood, working with some of the most talented actors, writers and directors in our industry. We are sad to be saying goodbye to this much-loved project but we are extremely excited by our upcoming BBC drama commissions- of which more to follow."

~Thank goodness! I don't know about you guys, but what is "Robin Hood" without Robin himself, let alone Gisborne!? I for one am glad they didn't try to continue without Richard or Jonas. By the way- what was up with the writers during Season 3? Were they on crack? (My fellow Americans can view episodes of Season 3 on youtube, FYI.)

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