Jul 29, 2009

Little Guy

If you want a good laugh, check out the link to the "Little Guy" website on the right side of this blog under "other fan sites." SO funny!
This girl documents the life of Little Guy and Little Marian and they're always doing things to Little Robin like putting him in dresses, making a snowman out of him, etc. Haha.
By the way, the site says, "May have adult content- not appropriate for children" but I saw nothing risque. (Don't be too disapointed.)

1 comment:

my_little_guy @ littleguyspad said...

LOL thank you for linking to the pad. I have just updated it with the latest 'happening' and originally I didn't know how risque it was going to be lol.....

I wonder what part Robin is yet to play...*insert evil chuckle here..*