Aug 26, 2009

Mike Ogden ~A Private, but Nice Chap.

Don't bother trying to add Mike Ogden as a friend on facebook because he'll decline you faster than you can say Guy of Gisborne, and he has reason. He's the writer/director of the WWII film "Charlie," set in Italy, starring Mr. Armitage himself ~scheduled to begin filming early next year.

After he declined my friend request, Mike was kind enough to leave a message saying that he couldn't add friends to his personal account (probably because of crazy RA fans, whoever they are...) but encouraged me to join the online forum.

Pushing the bounds, I responded by wishing him luck, telling him about this blog and asking him a bunch of questions about the film. I know, I know... obnoxious of me, but I couldn't resist. (I mean, this guy is going to be making a film with THE Richard Armitage after all, and it will probably be amazing! Plus, how many times do you have contact with someone who knows RA personally!?)

Mike wouldn't give me any info about the movie, but again told me to check out the "Charlie" website and join the forum where my type of questions have been asked and answered. I did, and think it's a great site to visit and join! I recommend you do the same:
Reading the storyline, it sounds like a great, heart wrenching movie.

Although nothing has been finalized legally, Mike assures RA fans that Richard is "madly keen to play Charlie, it has been offered to him, and he has accepted."

I have to say, as bothersome as I probably was to Mr. Ogden, he was very polite and I was impressed and grateful. If you read this Mike, I wish you all the best with your upcoming project and can't wait to see the end result! :)

PS: My facebook name is R.a. Fanblog and my "Charlie" forum ID is Natazukii for any of those wondering.


rocksblogg said...

i'm excited aout this
I generally love anything from the second world war and the 40's!
as well as RA :)!

Anonymous said...

One thing I am a little unnerved by is the fact that fans are being given the option of investing in Charlie. While I'm not saying anything is untoward and I'm sure Mike Ogden has nothing but good intentions, it should be made clear to fans that if they invest money in such a project there is always the possibility that they could lose and not make money. If I were Richard Armitage or his agent I'm not sure I would be at all happy with such an arrangement or such a website encouraging speculation. It could so easily put him in a difficult position if things were to go pear-shaped.

It should be stressed here that no contract has been signed by Richard and so there is nothing to legally bind him to this film. (The days of deals being done with a nod, wink or a handshake are long gone!). Like buying a house you can say it's "sold subject to contract" but it doesn't stop you getting gazumped!)

I, like many other RA fans, am excited by the prospect of Richard starring on the big screen, however, I'm not so sure we should be "putting the egg before the chicken". Let's just wait and see how things pan out before anyone risks their hard earned cash that's all I'm saying.