Aug 23, 2009

Second Poll Results

Question: Favorite R.A. Physical Trait?
The winner, with 51% of the vote was his... VOICE.

Yes, he does have a lovely voice... so let's listen to him read a poem, "Night Watch for England," shall we?
*Be sure to pause the background music (bottom of screen) before viewing this video.*

Thanks YouTuber, DanielleRCA!
Personally, his heavenly voice was my #1, followed closely by those pretty peepers! (Guyliner and all...)

Poll Results:
Eyes- 12 (29%)
Hair- 0 (0%)
Voice- 21 (51%)
Body- 2 (4%)
Smile- 5 (12%)

Other-1 (2%)

Whaaa??? Nobody loves his hair? C'mon, people... RA has some nice hair! (I guess his voice, eyes and smile are just too much competition for those lovely locks.)

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Luciana said...

Oh no! I LOVE his hair! Such a shame it's too late to vote! In RH second series it was his best hair ever!

rocksblogg said...

Hes hairs different in everything hes done, but personally I like the scruffy long RH series 3 look!
rough 'n' ready!!

but hes voice does make my knees weak!

Starheart said...

Voted for his voice. But only because could only pick one, and am listening to Lords of the North at the moment. Sigh. :)

Of course if i had to rank them, the eyes, hair, smile and body would come equal second, ha! Love his hair, especially as Guy, and mostly series 3 when it looks clean and curling-ironed in the ep Izzy appears. I've given it way too much thought.

phylly3 said...

His EYES are what leave me weak-kneed, although his voice is definitely very special too!
I have always been a sucker for beautiful eyes, but his are especially expressive: pale, limpid pools of light or dark, fathomless, brooding furies, or crinkly, twinkling, and teasing -- all dependent on his every mood -- they torture me with rapture!

phylly3 said...

Okay, one more comment that no one else mentioned and this one is very important...besides his looks...what really attracts me to RA is his intelligence!
I love the way he researches his characters, it really shows in his performances and I love to listen to his interviews and hear his witty remarks. He has a marvelous sense of humour and that is definitely a sign of high intelligence!
There... I'm done now!