Aug 13, 2009

Worth a look and two cents of your own...

As many of you know, Richard's birthday is coming up later this month on the 22nd. I was browsing some of the other fan sites and saw that
Richard Armitage Net (link on the lower right side of screen under "other sites") has a Birthday Tribute section, asking fans to describe a defining moment they discovered and became fanstruck by RA. I have loved reading others' tales of how Richard brightened their day with his talent. For some, it was watching Robin Hood with their kids, and getting attached to the baddie in leather. Others were hit by the "look back at me" moment in North & South. Some thought "Who is THAT!?" when Richard started telling a story on Cbeebies.
I left a comment of my own and suggest you all do the same... or at least enjoy reading others' thoughts. It's fun to find out how each person discovered the lovely Richard for themselves since not everyone has heard of him yet. (They don't know what they're missing!!!)
The Armitage Army website (link also on bottom right) has a birthday tribute section as well, where you can post a message for RA himself. I wonder if he actually reads them? That would be awesome! (I know Richard has mentioned the "Armitage Army" on TV shows and stuff... so there's a good possibility.)

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