Sep 29, 2009

Another Stunt Double Picture, Plus Great Link.

Here is Richard and his Gisborne stunt double from what appears to be Season 1 of Robin Hood.
Judging from the costume, I'm guessing they were taping Episode 8- "Tattoo? What Tattoo?"
when Gizzy and Robin are beating the crap out of each other in Sherwood forest.
And that just-so-happens to be the same episode where Gisborne is tied to a tree...
Bad, bad Gizzy!

I wonder if RA had the same stunt double for all 3 seasons?
Here's a comparison of the Season 3 stunt double picture I featured earlier.
It's not the greatest picture, but I think it's the same guy. 
Keep in mind, in the 2nd picture, the double is standing on a slope and looks taller.
What do you think?

While searching for Gizzy-tied-to-tree pictures, I came across a very entertaining Live Journal page that you'll have to check out for yourself!  "Eleventh" has posted tons of Gisborne pics from Seasons 1 & 2  with captions that will make you laugh out loud!  Be sure to read the two "Big Guy Picspam" posts and start with the 12/18/07 entry first.  (Actually there's a "Pretty Picspam" RA entry that's great too.  Just look at everything there.)  You'll have to click on the blue link to open up her pics with commentaries-
so hilarious!!!  HERE is the link.


Starheart said...

Yeah it looks as if it's the same guy. I like the comparison pic between season 1 and 3. Buffed up and clean vs dressed down and dirty.

WitchyWoman said...

There should have been a warning with that Picspam especially when comsuming hot drinks considering I'm wearing my coffee now LOL.
The running down your nose look is not a pretty sight.
That was so funny especially the "look at the candle on the mantlepiece" pic.
I too agree Marian must have been an alien to deny Guy.
To quote a song by my fave artist Tori Amos which I'm directing to Guy
"You still look pretty when you're putting the damage on"
Guy is gorgeous.