Sep 10, 2009

Hold your horses!!!

Dear Fellow RA Fans,

I realize that my last few posts have sparked a bit of controversy so I thought I'd respond.
This blog has become a fun hobby for me. I wanted to create something exciting and humorous, involving all things to do with Richard Armitage. If I think something is interesting, I post it... figuring others out there will enjoy it as well.

Apparently some think I have crossed the line by speculating about RA's personal life. Sorry if I have offended any, or gone "trashy" like one commenter accused... but I found these tid-bits interesting, so I thought I'd share. It was not done in a malicious way.

Here's the deal: I will continue to post whatever I think is fun, fascinating or note worthy. I appreciate your comments and suggestions and hope those who do not agree with me will express so in a kind way (like Maria.) That being said, I ultimately will decide what I do or don't post of course. If you don't like this blog, don't tune in. Simple as that. There are many other fabulous sites dedicated to the awesome RA. (There are links on the lower right bar.) With over 12,000 views in the last month and a half (see the site counter at the bottom of the screen) I know that not everyone will be satisfied with everything I post and that's okay.

If you DO like this blog (or have in the past before I struck a chord) please continue to tune in! There are many topics covered, as you can see on the bar to the right. I'm always looking for new fan art, videos, etc. so if you have anything to add or see something cool online, let me know. :)

RA Fan Blog Blogger


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

Love your response and please do continue doing what feels right by you.

As mentioned earlier, you are one gutsy lady and hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, Nat.
Although personal life isn't my favorite topic, I think it was done in a cute, funny way.
-Jane M.

Lina said...

What was there to be upset about? Are u on about the pic of him & his gf? U can't be? It's your blog so post what u like, and the pic is sweet :-)

rocksblogg said...

hey this is your blog
post what you want. if people dont like it, they can go else where!
its just a blog (a good one mind you!)
but some people should stop taking it so seriously!
I've never searched for RA's girlie, but she looks sweet!
love the blog
keep up the good work!! I'm still following!

Starheart said...

I love your blog, and it's not as if you are posting anything that is not already available online.

You've done it respectfully and sweetly, so just ignore the anonymous stirrers. Like you said, you can't please everyone, and this is not your intention anyway.

Of course it hurts a little when people are critical of something you put work and care into, but there's far more positive comments than negative.

kristi said...

I luuuuuuuurve what you do! Keep posting and in the same fashion! None of what you've posted has been trashy or disrespectful, in my opinion. Keep on keepin' on! :) I love your blog!

Also, want you to know I sign up for internet alerts on RA's name - that is how I came to your site! Its come up several times in my alerts, so Google is doign a fine job of indexing your blog! I'm sure you'll get more and more readers through that! Yay! :)

Debra said...

I'm with Lina and the rest on this one.

It's your blog and the picture is sweet. ***Nothing malicious about it.***

They make a very cute couple...& both are lucky to have each other, (I'm sure).

Anonymous said...

I for one am relieved RA has a girlfriend! I was beginning to wonder..

Sue said...

Just do me one favour Nat, remove those awful photographs of the "other" Richard Armitage (the bald one!). Talk about beauty and the beast! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you which is which!