Oct 12, 2009

7th Poll Results~ Obsessive? RA fans? Never!

Question: What kind of a Richard Armitage fan are you?

142 people voted and here are the results...

Mild -I enjoy his work:  8 (5%)Well, aren't you bunch just the model of self-control!
(That's a thumbs up, by the way.)

Medium -He's my favorite actor:  19 (13%)

These people are in denial.
They're actually obsessed but don't want to admit it.

Hot -A bit obsessive:  95 (66%)

I see that I'm in good company.

Flaming -Borderline Stalker:  20 (14%)

Time to buy some pepper spray, Richard!
At least these people are honest! :)
(On the bright side, if/when we end up here, we know we won't be alone.)

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and the photo caption contest. (See previous post.)


Pyper the Blogger said...

I want that 'medium' stick figure's t-shirt.


Guess which stick-figure fan I am ... I see I'm in good company!!! Lovely post, Nat!

jz said...

I like the drawing of Richard in the "Hot - a bit obsessive" box. It's a very good representation of him.

Avalon said...

In the medium pic, the photo on the shirt could be Elvis, lol

Pyper the Blogger said...

You mean "pyper" spray. LOL.

Ragtag said...

Those mild and mediums, who are they kidding?

Ragtag said...

BTW, your latest poll. Gee that's a hard one!! I can only choose ONE? No fair!

WitchyWoman said...

I agree with Ragtag. I want to choose other options.

endorwitch said...

lol - the Flaming peeps 'At least these people are honest' - yeah i was feeling that abit too even though i voted myself as Hot. i dont wanan appear as a total crazy lady though i probably am.

Traxy said...

Aw, another great poll I missed! :( I'm definitely Hot. Wouldn't stalk him IRL but I might actually be Hot bordering on Flaming. You can class yourself as that if you're trying to convert all your friends to RA fans, right? *cough*