Oct 17, 2009

Spooky Link

PhotobucketThere's a new article about "Spooks" on ft.com written by John Lloyd .
Click HERE to read it for yourself.

There's a cool pic too, but it's not this:

All I can say is Richard Armitage as Lucas North = wowsers!  I love those shoes... and the whole outfit.
I can feel the excitement in the air as the season premier grows closer and closer!

Thanks for the heads up, WW. :)


Longhairedtoad said...

That pic is to die for.

The man in black... is back!

Starheart said...

He's put back all the weight he lost for the first episode thank goodness! Gosh he looks fab. Look at those sleek clean lines. They love turning up his collar.

OK that's it. I told myself i was going to wait until it screened on tv and not cave to youtube but this image has melted away my resolve.

endorwitch said...

I am hitting up bit torreent as soon as the first ep is up. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And damn he looks fine in that picture...though i have become quite fond of those long jackets he seems to wear in Season 7.
Seriously he's just too deliscious to be a real spook. They are supposed to blend in.....chicks would be following him down the street offering him their number! :D

WitchyWoman said...

The things I think of part 3.
The whole picture is of Harry on the left, Ros in the middle and then Lucas.
When you see the picture Lucas is placed a little further apart from Ros and Harry which makes me think he still is an outsider in some ways.

God he looks blinking Mantastic(it's a word) there.
Makes mental note not to show Hubby this picture or else he'll go all denim on me LOL.

endorwitch said...

WW - i think he is posed further away from them coz the man is a GIANT! :D

Sue said...

Actually I'm wondering if that isn't a publicity shot from the last series. Those magnificent thighs of Richard's look slightly thinner. Also Harry is stood with them and he's supposed to have been kidnapped by the Russians, will he survive I wonder?

I notice that under the photograph it says "Sir Harry", I thought it was just plain old Harry? Has he been knighted or something for services to spying? Maybe that gives the game away a little as to the storyline?

I'm glad to see Lucas wearing jeans, I like Richard in jeans the best don't you girls? (Although given the option I'd prefer to see him without them!)

As for believing that Spooks is true to what MI5 is like, I very much doubt it, it has obviously been over-egged a little in that department. I'm sure MI5 spies are very dull and not at all like Harry, Ros and Richard, but then if the series was based on reality it would prove to be far too boring and nobody would watch it (we wouldn't have any eye candy to ogle either!Perish the thought!)

endorwitch said...

I have only watched the show since season 7 (i wonder why???) but I read on a Spooks forum Harry was knighted in i think it was season 5. They mention in season 7 when he is being interrogated when the idiots think Harry is teh mole that he will be stripped of his knighthood.

WitchyWoman said...

Can't rememember how long Harry has been Knighted.
As for the picture I have never seen it before till this weekend. The photo is credited to the BBC and I've searched everywhere and got nothing.
Richard is slim but I think dark jeans make you look slimmer anyway.(its a theory that I put into practice in my daily life) I think the light denim look is awful on any man (John Stranding wore light blue jeans and he had no fashion sense. Lucas North oozes it.
In series 7 when Lucas has offered Malcolm a doughnut(too cute) and he gets called in the office I was totally fixated with those dark jeans.
Was that a bad thing??

Just don't get me going about Lucas running in a suit...faints.

Anonymous said...

I can't say if that pic is from S7 or S8 but it sure is great! RA looks sooo gorgeous, I saw it and was truly breathless. If you ever find it in HQ, please share so I can put in on my cellphone so I can drool... um, admire it :P

I don't think anyone could really say Spooks it's how MI5 actually is and functions. These kind of shows, - take ER, CSI (sorry, I can think only of US tv shows)- that are based on people and/or institutions, don't depict exactly how it happens or things are done. If you ask a doctor or a criminologist they'll say these shows only show the most exciting things that could happen (that in real life might actually happen once a month)or 'improve' the speed or the technology really available.

But if Spooks would stay as true as possible to reality, as Sue said, it wouldn't attract so much viewers!

Anonymous said...

I feel very shallow for noticing how snug those lovely jeans/trousers hug every inch of leg *hides*

WitchyWoman said...

Angela. You are always welcome to come visit my place in the gutter.
Thoughts of jeans hugging are not frowned upon there Lol.

Sue said...

What an earth are the BBC playing at? It seems that they have now put the start date of Spooks back from the 29th October to November. No doubt this will be to do with playing infantile games and trying to coinicide Spooks with one of ITV's popular series in order to win the ratings war that seems to have broke out over here in England. When will they ever learn that people will simply record one show while watching the other and so any audience figures will not reflect the true ratings at all!!!! I am totally exasperated by the BBC's behaviour regarding this. There is such a thing as BBCiplayer don't they know, so why bother clashing these shows? We live in a mulit-technilogical age and there is absolutely no point to this!

Right rant over!I feel much better for that!

WitchyWoman said...

I totally agree Sue with all that you have said.
Last series I had to "shock horror" not watch a couple of episodes till later the same evening because it clashed with Champions League football(hubby's fault).
We recorded Spooks and had the pleasure of watching it just that bit later.
Now we have a Vplus box I can now record 2 items while watching another.
Its more likely because of ratings and part of me feels that they will even show 2 episodes a week so that it will keep peoples interest up(which is stupid because if you are a fan you will be watching anyway).
Or..and I hate to even think this(but given the messing about with Robin Hood episodes etc) are the BBC wanting to drop it??
It wouldnt be the first time they have stopped making a top show,which they will say is down to cuts etc.
The cover of the Radio Times has the main headline "Campaign for Useful men"
I reckon Lucas North is pretty useful and we need him back on the grid sharpish to find Harry!!!!
Rant over.....Thinks happy thoughts.