Oct 29, 2009

Way to go, Wylie!

Because there are so many Spooks articles/interviews popping up lately, I'm only going to link those that have new pics and/or new info.  (This one is definitely worth reading since RA gives a lot more insight to series 8.)  The "Life of Wylie" blog has a great new interview with Richard HERE.  Until this month, Ian Wylie used to work for the Manchester Evening News until budgets were cut and he was laid off.  Now he is a freelance journalist and started a blog.  (He is the same guy who wrote the review about Spooks 8's first episode HERE that caused excitement in the RA online world.) Keep the Richard Armitage stuff coming, Ian! :)


Mulubinba said...

Snap ..lol! ... we posted the same thing but I think Ian's blogpost is worth a mention on as many sites as possible!

WitchyWoman said...

I didn't know Ian was laid off. No wonder there has been cutbacks. I don't know how the paper can make money when they give it to you for free in Manchester City Centre.
I really have enjoyed his blogs and he seems to be well respected across the board.
All this talk of sexual power struggles is doing me no good. I'm running out of provisions but I don't seem to be able to leave my place here in the gutter. My hormones won't let me.
Lucas North you will be the death of me......but what a way to die....sigh.