Dec 17, 2009

Thornton, Thud and Hot Pink Thursday!

You know favorites are played around here and JT is most definitely one of them.
Behold Thornton and his awesome hair:
(Although, gel wasn't used in those days, right?)

I don't know why I'm obsessed with using TH titles for Thursdays.
Can you think of any others for Thursday or other days of the week?
Ragtag mentioned "Monet Monday" once. :)

Remember that ladder-and-jeans picture from the *Thud* Thursday post?
A comment was left that it was probably a photoshopped fakey...
however, I'm happy to report it wasn't after all!  Jonia supplied this uncropped version:
As you can see, the photo was taken by Kevin Davies in 2005 for a magazine spread.
Mystery solved!  Thanks Jonia. :)

Talented Totty? haha!

Speaking of funny... (wow, this post is all over the place isn't it?)
I just watched the Vicar of Dibley Comic Relief Special (with Sting) for the first time on YT
 and laughed out loud at the "ugly clothes" Geraldine made Harry wear while participating
in a reality show wife swap. (Sting & his wife being the participants.)
(I think I had an outfit just like this when I was 7 years old!)
You can view clips of the episode HERE.

(Although I must say I was disappointed with Geraldine.
Who would even look at Sting when they have Harry!?!?!? and one more: !
I mean, look how adorable he is, even in his ugly black and hot pink early 90's attire.)

Let's have some more Thornton for our viewing pleasure.
This time with a red cravat... how Christmassy of him!
(You can see from his expression that he thought it was a pretty clever idea.)

Have a wonderful Thursday.


Sue said...

Hey I love that photograph and article about "Talented Totty" I think we should adopt that title for Richard don't you girls? As for asking Richard to autograph my "arse" I think I'll pass on that one. (Mind you if Richard were to ask if I would reciprocate I wouldn't mind putting my monica on his well proportioned rear for prosperity "Sue wos here" perhaps?)

Thanks for letting us know that Richard's pose, complete with ladder, wasn't a "made up" fake, I thought someone had included the ladder especially for the thread I had started about DIY. So Richard obviously has form for a certain liking of ladders. First posing with one and then buying one at a well known DIY store in London for his latest DIY project. At 6'"2 I shouldn't think he'd need one would you? You see you learn something new every day.

bZirk said...


Totty Tuesday? Uh, Tuesday's Totty?

Anonymous said...

Oh Please Sue and bZirk. Just live that for God's sake.

Phylly3 said...

Thanks Nat, for those two wonderful pictures of JT! (BTW I also loved the 1st Giborne pic the other day too!)
Kudos for solving the mystery ladder shot. I did think those looked like RA's hands as you had mentioned. (Funny how well we recognize him--comes from long hours of repeated staring)! *shaking head sadly*
As for the VoD wife swap thingy...That WAS weird. What a good sport for wearing those Godawful clothes...and what's with the Vicar going gaga over STING while married to Harry? It boggles the imagination! I mean how lucky can she get?
Please sing Richard! I'll bet you are better than Sting in MORE than just looks! I didn't like that episode, it made me mad! Seriously!:P
Happy Thornton Thursday!

Longhairedtoad said...

Love the Thornton pics. LOL at Harry's ugly clothes. Geraldine was kinda mean making him wear those...

Totty Tuesdays'... hmmm?

Avalon said...

You always pick the best Thornton pictures. I bought North and South for momma for Christmas. Giving the gift of R.A's movies...Can not receive a better gift, well unless you receive him!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Do I detect a potential cat fight? I don't mind anonymous comments or differing opinions, just please leave an initial/nicname/alias if you are going to debate so that we can keep the anonymous folks straight. Thanks!

Um... can someone who knows British slang please translate "totty" for me? (I have a general idea, but just want to make sure I'm right.) I just think the word itself sounds funny! :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Oh and Av, I owe a lot of the great Thornton picture credit to the C19 forum where I've been snatching them up lately... or what do they say? Snaffling? Another British word, I'm guessing...

bZirk said...

Did I miss something?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Maybe I missed something. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

What is "totty" exactly? I tried googling it without luck. Feel like an ignorant Yank...

moregas said...

"totty" is used mostly when you are talking about girl - hot chick

bZirk said...

It's my understanding that it originally meant sexy female but now is used for males as well -- as evidenced in the article.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, so glad I'm not the only American who wanted clarification on what "totty" meant. I figured it's the Brit equivalent for "hottie" in the US. I thought toddy/tottie or something to that effect was a drink. Am I right on this?

Well, love your pics Nat. I don't know how you keep up all your creativity and so faithfully update your blog. But so glad you do :)

Also, for US viewers, just passing on an update I got from my local PBS station, they will be airing some sort biographical special on Louisa May Alcott if anyone is interested (Little women author, sorry don't mean to offend anyone by suggestion that someone might not know who she is, but just wanted to explain just in case) it will air Dec.28th I think

Myrtle said...

Hi, I am a Brit (English gal married to Scotsman & living in Scotland - so I am sort of dual nationality ha ha)

Yeah, 'Totty' just means a young attractive, sexy person, either male or female. When Richard joined the cast of Spooks, the press decribed him either as the new 'Hunk' or male 'Totty'. As you say, the same as 'Hottie'

The English language can be funny, when I first moved to Scotland. there were many words used here, which I didn't understand, but I am bi-lingual now, ha ha!!

Myrtle said...

ps: a 'toddy' is a Scottish word for a hot drink of whisky, water and sugar which you drink when you have a bad cold.

Personally, I would prefer to have Richard as 'Totty' for my bad cold!!!

bZirk said...


I'm picturing Richard with sugar, uh, nevermind. :D

twinklingmoon said...

@Myrtle, thanks for clarifying "Totty" vs."toddy" for us Yanks. And you're right about how we can all speak the same language but due to different dialects and accents wind up having a hard time understanding each other. One of the craziest things I saw was during an interview that Bradley james from the show Merlin had to say about his relationship with Colin Morgan, his cast mate. Bradley said that in the beginning he had a hard time kind of connecting with Colin because he couldn't understand him (Colin's Irish and Bradley isn't) Well, I wanted to say to him "Buddy, if you can't understand him, imagine how we Amercians feel!" Lol!

Actually, many of us watch British stuff with closed captioning just to make sure we don't miss alot because of the accent...Crazy, hunh?

Just wondering, a friend and I were talking and were curious to know if Brits had a hard time understanding American accents like we do with English ones sometimes, or is it just that they hear the American accent but don't have difficulty in understanding it

Myrtle said...

Hi twinklingmoon, obviously I can only speak for myself. I don't find the differences a problem, they can sometimes be funny, for me it adds to the richness of life. Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same? I notice for example, you speak of 'closed captioning' I assume you mean, what we would call 'subtitles'.
Every year a group of Americans come over to my workplace, by the end of their stay I am going 'down town' and 'putting out the trash' As you say, we do hear lots of different American accents through the media and travel.There has been lots and lots of discussion over here about Sarah Caulfields accent in Spooks S8, in general we dont think it is that authentic?? Have you seen her????

bZirk said...

Oh, Myrtle, you sure you want to get us Americans started on Sarah's accent? :D

Myrtle said...

No! No! I get the message, you think it is dreadful too. ha ha

In fact I was just back to apologise for referring to 'Spooks', I recall it is MI 5 in the states. There you go -sorry

bZirk said...

I'm just teasing you. :D

I'm sure you and many others are aware of how dreadful several of us Americans find her accent. I'll spare my remarks for this blog since I've said so much already in other places about how it's like nails down a chalkboard. [slaps self] I'll stop now. :D