Jan 11, 2010

Bill and Phil

We've seen shadows of Richard's characters in other characters.
A prime example of this is "Spooks" which threw a few at us in season 8.

Care for a stroll, anyone?
How about some glove porn?
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When I saw Richard as Philip Durrant in Ordeal by Innoncence last week,
I was reminded of Bill Chatford in Malice Aforethought.
After all, Philip and Bill are supporting roles in murder mysteries, based on novels.
These echoes of familiarity have more to do with personality,
rather than a specific scene, however.  So let's compare and contrast.

Bill and Philip are both grouchy.

Similarity and Difference:
Bill has an evil mustache, Philip doesn't.
However, they both part their hair on the side and lack sideburns.
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Old man hats!
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Similarity and Difference:
They each have marriage problems.
Bill's wife cheats on him, Philip cheats on his wife.
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Bill and Philip both threaten others.
There are shadows of Gisborne in them.
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So there you go.  Two peas in a pod.
If I had to chose between the two, I'm not sure who I'd pick.
Phil is cuter, but a playboy, so I'd probably have to go with Bill.
Forget it... this is all make believe, so I pick Thornton!!!

Ah... there we go... much better!


flandersdreamer said...

You surely know your Richard, Nat!
But ... yes, by all means, give me Thornton any day!
No, wait, better: give me Richard any day!

Longhairedtoad said...

Absolutely... I pick Thornton too!

bZirk said...

Love Thornton but I'm still partial to Guy. Where is my Guy pic?!!

@Rob said...

Glove porn! I love it!!! The man can rock a side burn like no bodies biz. Can't he? Now I am going to try and get back to work.

Thanks Nat!

bZirk said...

I've always hated sideburns until now. :D

Joan Crenshaw said...

Glove porn indeed! Another fun entry, though i am pretty sure we won't hit 200 here! I'm with bZirk -- where's more of our Guy?

Myrtle said...

Being a romantic softy, I prefer the Thornton/Lucas stroll. Maybe when I get my strength back after the 'other' blog below I will be ready for some Glove Porn!!!!:D :D

Avalon said...

I am with the Guy lovers

Twinkling Moon said...

lol! you are quite the comedian Nat! Yep, partial to Thornton myself here, but there's one problem with Thornton and Guy for that matter, as much as I love them, honey, I need my modern facilities cuz there no way I can survive without my modern bathroom amenties, so that leaves me with Lucas!

Wait, this is all fantasy anyways so maybe I can have a modern bathroom in Thornton's time? ha! ha!

Mamen said...

I am very romantic and I stand with Mr. Thornton. But I do not feel Margaret, I confess that I am really Geraldine. I feel a desire to play the bells in a church thinking about a Mr. Thornton / Harry in front of my door.

@Rob said...

Why choose?

For the romantic candle lit dinner date: Harry.

For the repressed afternoon tea: Thornton.

For sex in a moving car while being chased by baddies: Lucas.

For if you not sure if your date is going to eat you alive or save you, but you do like a bit of eyeliner: Guy

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

You Guy fanatics will have a Gisborne post soon. :)

Robin Hood 3 comes out on dvd tomorrow in the US and I think I'm going to be in a Gisborne mood this week!

Judith Johnson said...

My beautiful Black Knight returns *_*

Twinkling Moon said...

@Rob, I like your style, lol! you have certainly said it best to fulfill all of our fantasies.

@Nat, Thank goodness for the return of Guy, I can't help but have a soft spot for him, Guyliner and all, hee! hee! But must admit I'm partial to S2 Guy (minus the last episode of course!)

bZirk said...

Yep, S2 Guy is my favorite!

Although Guy in S1,Ep13 really gets to me too. I think I cried during that episode, and I'm not one to cry very easily.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Enjoyed your entry.

B* said...

Speaking of Guy...does anyone have a favourite episode that was well written and showcases RA's talents well (acting as well as physical, ladies...haha). I want to introduce a friend of mine to "Guy," and it's been a few months since I finished my RH marathon. I remember preferring S.2 Guy...
Any suggestions?

bZirk said...

S2,ep10 if you can't show but one. The only problem is that it spoils things if your friend wants to watch more than one.

B* said...

Thanks bZirk...I'll have a look at that Ep. again. All she needs is a wee taste to get hooked. I remember starting somewhere in the middle myself then going back to the beginning and I still enjoyed it!

Sue said...

I prefer the Guy look with a bit of stubble but I hate the character of Bill where he has a moustache. Sorry, but it looks as though something has crawled under his nose and died! Not the look for Richard I'm afraid!

@Rob said...

B* Fav ep Season #2 Ep 3 really showcases his talents. The scene in which Marian pays him a home visit while Guy is trying on his armor. That's the one I show the ladies I want to convert.

Then I flip to N&S the "look at me" scene by that time they are butter. Works everytime!!!