Jan 6, 2010

Out and About ~Varekai Premier

Here's another addition to the "Taboo Section" folks!
~Named such because speculation about Richard Armitage's private life is often
frowned upon by forums and some admirers.  I don't think it's a big deal if done tastefully...
meaning without rude/negative comments- keep that in mind, please!

This is fair game because it's a public event!
On January 5th, Richard was spotted attending the gala premiere of
Varekai, Cirque Du Soleils latest extravaganza with Annabel Capper.

In the past, I've speculated that Annabel was Richard's girlfriend.
That was just a guess, one that was thrown off by this article which stated
his long time live-in girlfiend (leaving her nameless) had moved out.
That interview had been conducted before Richard was seen
with Annabel at the "Carrie's War" premier last June 24th.

I have to wonder,
Was the live-in girlfriend Annabel  and they'd remained friends,
or was the live-in girlfriend someone else entirely?

Who knows!?
What we DO know is that Richard and Annabel have been long-time friends.
Whether it has always been just a friendship or something more, I for one am glad to see
that Richard is enjoying a night on the town and has someone to share it with.
He deserves a break from work after a busy year in 2009!

We also know that Annabel likes big purses (you never know what you'll need, right?)
and now we can add big scarves to the list!  Meanwhile, Richard looks a bit chilly in his
Lucas North shirt and thin-looking overcoat.  The Porter tan is gone and
he's back to his normal skin color.  Handsome either way!

More pics of RA at the event individually HERE.
YouTube video of RA and AC at the event HERE.

Something else that came to mind...
Seeing Richard once again out in public with Annabel makes me think that he doesn't guard
his personal life as fiercely as some would suggest... at least his friendship with AC.
Is the anti-personal life thing a fan myth?  Oh, I'm sure he enjoys his privacy,
but to the extent I've been told?  Again... who knows!?

Thanks to Time4Tea and Cesta for bringing these items to my attention!

*Reminder: thoughts and  differing opinions are welcome,
but please be respectful. Thanks!*

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Update- 1/12/09

This post generated 209 comments in 6 days!  Thank you for your interest. 
All the buzz has been cool... but I honestly don't blog for popularity purposes.  I blog because it's FUN.  All RA sites have their strengths and I think this blog's is humor. The problem is, despite my request for comments to stay respectful, they didn't. I don't mind people voicing different opinions or speculating about Richard's personal life... but when things turn ugly towards other commenters (no matter the side) or Richard in general, I have to take a stand.  Therefore, after much consideration, I've decided to hide this post's existing comments (they have not been deleted- I still have access to them) and block further comments on this post.  I've hesitated to do this because I don't want to be a bossy, keyboard-slapping, discussion-controling type of person. I'm proud that so far, this has been an uncensored place to talk about RA... but I feel that some have taken advantage of my open discussion policy, using it for their own means. This will not stop me from posting these sort of pictures in the future or speculating about Richard's personal life in a tasteful way, but unfortunately I will have to be more strict with comments. Differing opinions will be allowed... but bullying other commenters, swearing, catfighting or lashing out at RA will not be accepted, so just plan on those being deleted.  It spoils the fun for the rest of us. 

Just so you know, nobody persuaded me
to hide this post's comments.  (If they had tried, I probably would have been stubborn and left them up.)  It was purely my decision.
I hope that this blog can continue to be an entertaining hobby

for me and a fun place for you to visit!
Thanks for your support. :)