Jan 26, 2010

Robin Hood Season 3 Viewing Spree ~Part 3

More random thoughts from Nat's head while viewing this
season for the 1st time on a television screen rather than YouTube.

Featuring Episodes 8-11.

I couldn't help but notice that the script writers LOVED having
Gisborne knocked out and tied up this season... not that I'm complaining.
Besides being tied to a tree in episode 7, which I covered in the previous post, we also get:
Gizzy tied to a bed in episode 8
...and Gizzy's hands and legs tied together in episode 10 while learning of his troubled youth.

The script writers provided plenty of jail bait Gisborne as well:
~Right after his assassination attempt on Prince John.
~In the Nottingham Castle's dungeon
~In the York Castle dungeon.

If that weren't enough, we were kept on the edge of our seats
while Gisborne was nearly executed... twice!
Yikes!  Close calls!

Okay, backing up a bit...

in Episode 8- "The King is Dead, Long Live the King,
we say farewell to Prince John. I laugh out loud every time I watch the coronation ceremony,
and see PJ prancing into the church, throwing his head back and shouting, "Do you love me!?"
with the most cheestastic smile ever.

After reading the Gisborne/Edward Scissorhands comparison,
someone mentioned that Prince John reminds them of...

the Burger King King!
I couldn't stop laughing.

Episode 9- "A Dangerous Deal"
(aka: The Meg Episode) is one of my favorites of Season 3.
It would be perfect if we could leave out the other storyline involving Isabella's
creepy husband and the Viking gold... blah de blah de blah. (As Vasey would say.)

Look at Gisborne!
He's reflecting over all the mistakes he has made in his life
and finally taking responsibility, rather than blame his actions on others.
I love Meg's feisty personality and how she took several jabs at Gisborne.  My favorite being,
"You always were a bit pleased with yourself, weren't you?"
Unfortunately, we didn't get to find out if Guy and Meg's
 friendship and attraction would turn into a passionate romance! *SOB*

When Meg was stabbed, I LOVED how Gisborne punched the guy in the face,
swooped Meg up in his arms, and carried her off.  So romantic!!!
Here's what puzzles me over Gisborne's feelings for Meg...
In her last minutes she says, "Please?" and then Gizzy gives her the tiniest little kiss ever.
I guess he wouldn't try to make-out with a wounded person, but it makes me wonder
if he loved her as a friend only.  What do you think?
I was very touched as Gisborne held Meg and cried when she passed away. 
I'll admit, I get a little misty-eyed when I watch this scene.  However, I was disappointed
that Meg is never mentioned again, as if this part never happened.  I wanted to see a little mourning,
or for Gizzy to slap Isabella and say, "That is for Meg!"  Something like that.

Episode 10- "Bad Blood"
I need to vent for a second~
I enjoyed viewing pieces of Gisborne's past, but it made me MORE annoyed with Robin,
who is supposed to be the hero!  Young Robin is a little brat who lets Young Gizzy take the
blame for something he did. (Shooting the arrow that resulted in the priest's injury.)
Then when their parents are killed, Guy and Isabella are cast out to fend for themselves while
their father's land is handed over to Robin to become part of the Locksley estate. 
Tack all of that onto Robin getting the woman Gizzy loved...
how can anyone NOT feel sorry for Guy!?  It's like the writers wanted us to take his side!

Another thing: Young Robin's eyes are brown...
and then he grows up to have green/blue eyes?  Huh?
Okay, I'll stop complaining.  Maybe.

A cool thing about this episode:
Gizzy and Robin roasting marshmallows!  Just kidding.
This truce came as a pleasant surprise.

Episode 11- "The Enemy of My Enemy"is a good one.  We get to enjoy another Gisborne vs. Robin fight scene, where they try to punch
each other's lights out in the forest.  (It reminded me of Season 1's "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" ep.)
John is one of my favorite characters...
but did anyone else notice his massive amount of eye shadow in Season 3?
Is he trying to compete with Gizzy's guyliner?
I loved it when Robin was telling the gang Gizzy's one of them and Gisborne says,
"We're almost family, aren't we Robin? We share a brother." 
*Group hug everyone!*

The first time I watched this series, I didn't like Archer. This time around, I saw him for
the eye candy that he is.  Too bad he looks more like Robin than Gisborne.
Seriously... why was there no group hug!?
I kept hoping for one, but no.


flandersdreamer said...

I also loved the Meg episode! Gizzy was so totally human and endearing!
I pity the creators of RH, they had a huge problem right from the start of the series: the bad guy being much more attractive than the hero!
When they reveal the past, Gisborne suffering because of Robin, they sign Robin's death as sure as hell! I mean, how can you do otherwise than sympathize with Gizzy after what's been done to him?
Nice comments, Nat, thanks!

endorwitch said...

i LNOW we love Guy and try and see the better side of him but i just dont think he is a group hug kinda guy....lol.

Judith Johnson said...

Maybe Guy only gave Meg a chaste peck is because she is, after all his Sparkhouse step-daughter! Ah, that incesteous BBC. Great posting as usual

Traxy said...

I put up the Meg bits (with Gizzy) on YouTube, think it's about 11 mins in total, so that's nearly 1/4 of the episode just on them two!

Still wonder why he didn't take her to a doctor... but that wouldn't work for the "Guy beeing redeemed" bit. And yeah, she obviously didn't mean that much to him as she was never mentioned again! Just a plot device.

Li'l Robin & Guy... that just confirmed my opinion that Robin is an annoying little git! I mean, he was an awful brat back then, and he still is! That episode was so much a "Guy's the one you should feel sorry for" episode. Which also shows very well that the show is centered on Guy rather than Robin... and that's just weird when the show's called "Robin Hood".

I need to re-watch S3 now that I've seen the previous two properly... and that cheesy smile from PJ works as an incentive. What a lovely smile that bloke has. (Hmm, start with S3 RH or JE'06? What a dilemma!)

Avalon said...

"then he grows up to have green/blue eyes? Huh?" Wow Nat, you catch everything!

I think Guy felt friendship for Meg but the breakdown was partly over poor Meg and how it was his kind of his fault she died and partly because her innocent death reminded him of Marian. I read somewhere Meg's death was the reason he wanted Isabella's death so fiercely.

Good review....You are almost at the end....Get ready to cry for 2 episodes.

@Traxy- I think Guy did not take Meg to the doctor because she was gut wounded and he knew there was no hope. Also because they were wanted and no one would want to go against the law.

WitchyWoman said...

What bugged me about Meg is when she is saying her lasts words she tells Guy she always did quite like him(words to that affect)...quite!! quite!! Blimey if that was me I would have told him he made my clothes want to melt when I saw him upon that horse and that I couldn't walk past an Oak tree without wanting to ambush him and tie him up....blah de blah de blah.
I think he only gave her a peck on the mouth instead of a full on snog because she was dying....there are limits LOL.

Also...and this isnt because I love Richard best...I just didnt take to Robin. Guy and the Sheriff were the best double act since Morecombe and Wise who were more fun to watch and I found myself rooting for them. My little girl loved them too.
I blame the writers and not Jonas for that.

Mulubinba said...

I'm still not sure where S3 has disappeared to here in Oz. I think Oz TV has given up after Series 2. Glad you can review it, Nat! I agree with WitchyWoman above - Vasey and Guy make the most interesting combination - my impression is that the writers intended for their dialogue to be aimed at the adult audience. Robin and gang are more appealing to younger audiences?

Twinkling Moon said...

Great comments as usual Nat!

Was wondering if it was ever explained why Isabella hated/feared her husband. I thought it was mentioned that she married him when she was 13 and that was the last time she saw Guy. When she first mentioned Thornton to Robin (BTW, what's witht the repeat name, isn't that the servant's name at Locksley) I assumed her husband was some old guy she was fleeing, but he isn't that old looking. Then I wondered why she didn't have any kids. I mean she must have been married for at least 10 years at this point and having no kids after 10 years of marriage would be problematic in that era, no?

I think the writers should have addressed this issue. Perhaps as the source of tension between Isabella and her husband (he blames her for not giving him a kid) I was just lost on that storyline. Was anyone else?

Sue said...

I think the scriptwriteres had quite a few problems because the show was losing so many of its major characters and yet they needed to introduce a credible storyline explaining their history and actions while trying to cobble it all together somehow, which is why things don't always add up. I must admit the addition of Archer (who by the end of the series I was beginning to warm to!) was a good move. I believe that if they ever resurrect Robin Hood it might prove pretty popular. Personally I think a prequel to Robin Hood, say "The early years", would be a good way to go too! I think the series of Robin Hood may only have been mothballed and those costumes may yet get dusted off and used again. I hope Richard managed to buy Guy's leather outfit. By the way I heard that when the original outfit of Gizzy's was on show at an exhibition in Nottingham, England, staff found that members of the public had "interferred" with Guy's leather trousers. They ended up around the dummy's ankles. Whatever next?!!!! Obviously someone with a sense of humour. (Not me honest!!!)

Myrtle said...

I didn't feel that Guy was attracted to Meg in quite the same way as he loved Marion. However, Meg showed him a kindness which he was not used to, Guy's response was perhaps more as a brother or uncle. The gentle kiss, a gesture of warmth in her dying moments. He does hesitate initally, then responds to her request.
Meg obviously had a crush on him, but who doesn't.

Guy was tied up quite alot in S3wasn't he? The 'bed post' is my favourtite!

PJ and the Burger King King: so funny:D

S1 has just been repeated on BBC HD here in the UK. Last night was the final episode. Guy just looked divine in his wedding outfit.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I guess I just figured that it was a chaste kiss because she was dying and he wasn't comfortable doing more. She took that pike for him.

OK, I never would have watched the series, had it NOT been for Gisbourne and the Sheriff. I saw ten minutes of episode one and turned it off, JUST before Gisborne rides into Locksley. I just happened to have it on one day as background noise and heard Sherry berating Guy and that was that.

Has anyone noticed that once Guy realized he was being USED by PJ/Sherry/et al, he turned into a ferocious and skilled fighter? No more getting bested by people I could take in a fair fight. That always makes me crazy. So I have convinced myself that he just didn't care enough -- like when the outlaws were killing his troops at the mine and he stood there. (Not to mention he was evolving into a Good Guy and Good Guys always win.)

Robin was a brat that maybe someone along the way slapped him till his eyes turned blue-green? I felt so bad when Guy and Isabella got run out of their home with nothing except the clothes on their back. But Robin learned from his mistake in letting Guy all but hang...

My favorite is the opening of The Enemy of My Enemy -- probably because I saw it on BBC when I was in Paris. I just stood in my hotel room and stopped breathing.

He does get tied up a bit...loved the serving maid getting closer to check him out.

Starheart said...

If it's wrong to want Gizzy tied to a tree, then it should happen twice to make it right.

For a split second i wished i was that serving maid.

MissJJ said...

If you listen very carefully you hear Meg just about whisper "Kiss Me" hence the shsh and gentle hand gesture (not that I have watched this over of course)from Gizzy. I love this episode just in case you hadnt guessed.