Jan 22, 2010

Stick-Figure Richard Contest- 17th Poll Results

Richard Armitage Fan Blog readers were asked to contribute
ideas and vote for their favorite Stick-Figure Richard storyline,
which will become his newest adventure.  (If you don't know
who SFR is *gasp* click HERE to learn all about him.)

Poll Results:
110 votes were cast and the top 2 were neck-and-neck!

1st Place Winner with 27 votes:
Flandersdreamer~ SFR searches for the perfect nose,
browsing amongst the heroes of his favorite period dramas to
see what would suit him best.

2nd Place Winner with 26 votes:
Phylly3~ SFR as Lucas North: A complete rewrite of Season 8, the way things should have been.

Great ideas, ladies! 
Both will be made into SFR videos.
The "nose" episode will debut next week.

Below are the creative thinkers behind the other great storylines.
(I'm sure many of these ideas will be used with credit given.)
I laughed out loud at most of these!

SFR’s characters receive homemade Valentines
from their co-stars, such as SF Marian, SF Margaret, SF Sheriff.

Mona Liza~ Sentimental rather than comedy:
SFR judges a beauty contest and looks for beauty that is not just skin deep.

Phylly3~ SFR characters compete to mesmerize the most ladies,
each using their best assets. Who will cause the most swooning?

Deb~ SFR’s travelogue: highlighting his visits
to various set locations/countries and then home again.

Deb~ SFR narrates a DIY manual and
repairs/remodels different rooms of his London flat.

Joan~ SFR goes to the theatre without a coat,
tries not to blow away, and deals with the paparazzi.

Rup~ SFR doing psychoanalysis/making fun of his characters.

bZirk~ SFR comes to America- meets people, visits sites.

bZirk~ SFR watches popular Richard Armitage YouTube videos.

bZirk~ SFR has dreams about roles he would like to play, ex: Richard III, etc.

bZirk~ SFR goes home to visit his old school chums.

to all of those who contributed their ideas!


Red Shoe Artist said...

Great blog page.... had NO idea there were so many fans out there. Good thing too, then he gets more work.
Thanks for stopping by my page too.

flandersdreamer said...

Thank YOU, Nat, for allowing us to use our imagination for SFR. I have every confidence in your amazing abilities as to transform our fancies into nice SFR adventures!

Phylly3 said...

Yay! More SFR adventures! Thanks to everyone who voted for my 2 ideas! What a close race!
Lots of fun!
Congratulations Flandersdreamer!

Traxy said...

More SFR! Awesome! :D

Congrats to Flandersdreamer and phylly3 - oh yeah, show them Spooks writers what really should've happened!

Sue said...

I'm just waiting to see what ideas Nat comes up with for Valentines Day and Richard! I've seen some great pics that fans have made using the bare chested scenes for RH and chocolate cakes! How about emulating some publicity posters that were recently censored in Manchester, England, where a stage show of the "Calendar Girls" where nude shots were taken of women with carefully positioned cup cakes (with cherries). Manchester City Council made the promoters add more cakes! I think if we were making a poster for Richard we might have to copy and paste a few extra large, carefully positioned, "Bakin' Boys Chocolate Muffins". Any ideas? What do you think Ricard might prefer?