Feb 19, 2010

Armitage Olympics

Holy Thornton!!!
A week without my computer felt like a year...
but Old Delly is back and running better than ever.
Unfortunately, all of my RA photos and fanvids were lost.  *sniff, sniff*
Oh well~ better start collecting and creating again, right? :)

While my recent spare time hasn't been spent blogging,
I've been doing other things, such as enjoying the current Olympics.

After hearing RA's advertisement of the winter games a few weeks ago (which can be found HERE),
I was in a trance, muttering "Must... watch... Olympics... on... BBC..." but snapped out of it
when I remembered that in the States, it's shown on NBC.  Darn you and your buttery voice, Richard!

Watching the Olympics, I can't help but feel patriotic. 
Go USA!  (Whoops... had to throw that in.)
I also feel a bond with the rest of the world, watching  all of the awesome athletes from across
the globe kickin' some A.  (Don't worry, I'm not going to start singing "Kumbaya.")
Seeing people from various countries reminds me of the RA fan buddies I've met online~
from Canada, Australia, Greece, France, Italy, Argentina, the UK... 
I know I'm leaving some out, and I'm not discounting my fellow Americans (high five!) 
but the point is, the world feels like a smaller place.  By the way, every time I see a German athlete,
I feel guilty about that latest Stick-Figure Richard video being unavailable to Germans.  Sorry! 
(My videos were wiped out with the latest computer disaster. Argh! 
Next time, I'll make sure SFR is available for everyone.)

So what Olympic team(s) have you been rooting for?

Being British, Richard is probably cheering fiercely for the UK.
I'm sure he's very patriotic.

This subject also made me wonder...
if Richard's characters entered the Olympics,
in which sports would they compete?

Obviously, Lee would be willing to take on swimming...
...and Gizzy would be into fencing.  (He'd need one of those skinny swords instead.)
Track for Lucas?

But these are all summer sports.
We need to think WINTER, people.

Ricky Deeming could do curling.
You know... that weird sport where someone slides a big heavy thing across the ice and then their
teammates sweep the ice in front of it to make it more smooth or accurate or something.
Side Note: This is one of those events that's really deceiving because it looks like any Joe Shmoe
could walk off the street and master this in a flash.  Has anyone else thought to themselves, "I could
totally win a gold medal doing that stupid thing."?   (Of course, I know it takes tons of skill/practice...
it just looks easier than figure skating or that flying ski-jump thing.  Yikes!)

Anyway, Ricky has his own broom, so he's set!
Oh wait... upon closer look, that's a hammer, not a broom.
Whatever.  I still say he looks like a natural curler.

With the crazy way Monet dresses, he could be a figure skater.
He just needs to add sequins and feathers to that orange vest.

Maybe Harry could hand out the medals.

Now it's your turn.
Any ideas on which sports
would fit Richard's characters best?


Enrich2 said...

John Porter would surely be a natural at the biathalon with his heavy-duty rifle and his general overall fitness!

Myrtle said...

Yeah!!!!, lovely to have you back -bighug.
So sorry about your pics & videos.

Lucas on the Luge would do it for me,:) Oh me, the tight fitting Lycra suit!!!!!. Infact I would go on it with him, sort of mixed doubles!!! ha ha

Judith Johnson said...

RA is so graceful and beautiful when he runs, I am sure he is a natural athlete and woudl excel in almost any sport!

Nat-I know from experience a hard drive crash is devastating, its like a fire. I have some lovely pics of RA in his varous guises and would be happy to send them to you. feel free to contact me at judithjohnson73@gmail.com. I also have a lot of his best vids saved in realplayer but not sure how to send those. I am attaching the link for Delicate Blossom's Stranger in Moscow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR4VTLKtcDY and HeathDances' Womanizer since no one should be without these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F74pqHTR21U

Phylly3 said...

So sorry about the crash and losing all those lovely pics and fanvids!
Glad you are back up and running though!
As for RA and the Olympics, it is so nice to hear his voice anywhere, but now he does seem so patriotic! Tee-hee!
Love your curling mention and Ricky Deeming could so be on a team...they could call him the "Hammer Man"! (Having the Hammer is the advantage of having the last rock in an end.) I LOVE curling, it's one of the few sports I can do fairly well, and although it is not easy, it is a lifetime sport and anyone can learn to enjoy playing.
I am also picturing some of the Spooks players as a Bob-sled team! Go Ros!

Longhairedtoad said...

I wish I could watch the Olympics on the BBC too, but we are stuck with NBC so no RA. Drat and double Drat!

I always enjoy watching the four-men bobsled. Why not JT, Lucas, Standring, and Guy on that one. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nat couldn't come up with anything - brain seemed to freeze and lock into Monet as a skater. WOW. Could just imagine him in loong black trousers and jacket that he wears, bedecked with sequins and tight fitting shirts....

Not winter olympics I know but how about cross country runner! Tight fitting tracksuit and all hot and sweaty....he was after all a gym instructor in Cold Feet *sigh*. Lucas North would be great at Judo or perhaps target shooting.

Anyway sorry to hear about your pc loss but great to have you back - we've missed you!


Avalon said...

Sorry you lost your photos.

mulubinba said...

I think Ricki might be a bob sledder as he likes motorbikes and the thrill of riding fast. He also wears a scarf and helmet so he's definitely suited to a winter sport like that.

Sorry about your photos and vids!!

bZirk said...

Glad you're back up and running, Nat.

Can't think of any events for RA, but I hope you submit that picture of the Queen's Guard to Dickheads. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Glad you've got your computer back--sorry you've lost so much! As you rebuild your collection of digital RA wonderfulness, you might consider online backup. I'm using Mozy (because it's free and easy--http://mozy.com/home/free/). Sorry if that sounded like a shameless plug, but I'm really excited about it because I studied it for class (oh, the things we learn in grad school).

I'm going to second the nomination for John Porter for the biathlon, though we haven't seen him in action yet!

flandersdreamer said...

Hi Nat, good to have you back! Ah! Computers ... can't live with them, can't do wothout them!
Gisborne, I'm sure could be a weight-lifter! Remember how he threatened to toss Robin over the edge? And Harry could do as a wrestler, the way he hugged Geraldine in their kiss!

Trudy said...

I think John Standring could pass as a snowboarder with his longish hair, ski cap and generally baggy clothes!

Twinkling Moon said...

nat, just wanted to say sorry about the computer crash! That stinks!

Sorry, I'm not creative enough to come up with a sport for our guy :(

bZirk said...

@Twinkling Moon,

I guess it's our job to bask in it. :D

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, ha! ha! ha! Bask away my friend, bask away :)