Feb 26, 2010

Photo Friday: Gisborne Art

I discovered some cool Gisborne art this week posted by AlexElora on photobucket.
I always ask permission before posting artwork on this blog, but didn't have luck contacting her,
so I'll post links instead.   (I'm not sure if she or someone else created these,
so please inform me if you know!)

Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherwood Style:

These Meg/Gisborne manips look like they could be
the covers of bodice-ripping novels:

Alex's LiveJournal page can be viewed HERE.

And because I can't post a Photo Friday without
an actual photo, take a look at this beauty!

A glance of the above scene is shown in
Penelope's "Behind Blue Eyes" video featured on RAfanvids HERE.
(Scroll down to the 10th video.)


Sue said...

Here's a little snippet on the Strike Back front. The DVD is out from 14th June 2010 and you can pre order NOW!!! from either Play.com (see link below) or Amazon. So how about including the pic featured on the Play.com website? It has Richard running and clasping a woman's hand (and it's not his screen wife's either).


Phylly3 said...

I am a fan of "bodice rippers" and if I saw a cover like one of those on a book I would DEFINITELY BUY IT!
He could sell me anything! I am suddenly MUCH more interested in vodka since I heard his ad for Smirnoff's.

Here is a list of all his voiceovers:

Thanks to: