Mar 6, 2010

Stick-Figure Richard Comes to Town

Stick-Figure Richard has a few admirers and Manda is one of them.
When she saw the SFR watercolor painting (here) she just had to have it.
The cyber-stalking that occurred as a result was quite dramatic.   

Okay, okay... I'll stop exaggerating.
It actually went down something like this~ 
Manda: "I love the SFR painting."
Nat: "You can have it."
The End.

Watercolor SFR now has a new home, as documented in Manda's video.
(Be sure to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.)

HAHA!  Love it! 
The Little Guys are too cute.

Thanks for making me laugh out loud, Manda!
I'm glad SFR has a fabulous home with two handsome sidekicks
and a loving groupie.  Who could ask for more? :)

If you're a SFR admirer, other keepsakes may be
available in the future, here and there.


tyme_4_t said...

I'll gladly take one...your SFR adventures are a great pick me up! I look forward to new ones!

Thank you again from a SFR fan in Canada!...oh and RA isn't too bad either *hehehe*

Avalon said...

Nat, have you turned Manda into another to our gang...

Phylly3 said...

That was amazing! You can start a home business selling SFR portraits, Nat!
Great video Manda! And I am so jealous that you have 2 Gizzys and I have none. :( Who are those lady "action figures"? I recognize Jane Austen for one.
Like I said...AMAZING!

flandersdreamer said...

Please, please, tell me how I can get my hands on a portrait of SFR!!!
Can't. Live. Without. Him. No. Longer. Arrgghh!

Jessica said...

Y'all are crazy! That was sooo funny! Love it!

Myrtle said...

Well Done Manda!, Well Done Nat!

SFR is a hero, a legend, - there is nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...


bZirk said...

Uh, er, I can't talk LOL!, er, type, er, and I uh, LOL!don't type so good LOL! when I can't LOL! I can't talk. LOL!!

Nat, you and and Manda are killin' me. I may never talk, er, type again.


Where can I get my own print?! Maybe a numbered print? Maybe something for charity? Hhhm?

LOL! Oh, I had to go and look at the poster's name above me. Servetus? LOL! Okay, no he's not funny, but it's just so random on this blog. :D

@Rob said...

So, I was watching this vid with a stupid happy smile plastered on my face, when my hubby caught me. He doesn't say a word and just shakes his head. I then tried to explain to him why this vid was so clever and fantastic. He just looked at me like I was completely insane. He just doesn't "get it." Oh well, at least you all do.

Manda said...

:-) I'm glad everyone liked my tribute to SFR. Where would we be without him?? I shudder to think!

My Little Guys are so happy to have watercolor SFR here. They won't stop talking about him. Which is creepy because they have plastic mouths.

Thanks again, Nat!!

Manda said...

@phylly3 - One of the dolls is Jane Austen and the other one is an antique iron cast Amish woman. It's all I had on hand. I need more woman dolls! Or not...

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

HAHA! LG and an Amish woman! :)

bZirk said...

What a way to er, Rumshpringa. :D

@Rob said...

wait there is a jane austen doll???? i must get one.

Manda said...

@@Rob -

bZirk said...

Thanks for the link, Manda.


How about some of these for SFR?

I'd spend money on it, and I'll bet I'm not alone. :D

bZirk said...

Oh, and you could have two options: b&w or watercolor. :D

@Rob said...

@manda -- OMG!! So freaking cute. thanks for the link.

Charleybrown said...

Sooo glad to hear that the cyber stalking didn't result in any court case being involved! Nat, you're such a pushover :)

Manda, great video! Glad that the two Guys now have their idol keeping them company!