Aug 29, 2010


How many of you get emails from the British Lottery, though 
you're not British?  Or people from India that  call you "Dear One" and have
an opportunity for you, one click away?   Pffff.

Normally, I can tell immediately if an email is
spam or not and delete them without opening.  Today, however,
I was totally tricked into reading a stupid spam email!

How was I duped?
They were clever... and knew my weakness:

The sender was named "Mr. Richard"
and the subject line was "Letter"

In a dorktastic-Nat moment, I thought,
Woah... could it be THE Richard,
responding to our fan letter from a few months back!?
[even though I didn't ask or really expect a reply]
Oh my goodness!!!  It can't be!  Or maybe it is!

no, it wasn't.

It was someone with "an obscure business proposal"
who wanted me to respond.

Dang you,
fake Richard people!!!
Why did I have to be oh-so gullible?

When I opened up the email, I burst out laughing at myself. :)
(Hopefully I'm not the only one who has idiotic moments now and then.)
I have to hand it to the sender for providing the first spam email
I've opened in a LONG time.  Good one.  Bastards. 


Anonymous said...

OOooo They are good. I would have been suckered as well. Then, not only would I have been pissed that they duped me into opening SPAM, but also crushed that the email wasn't anywhere near what I hoped it would be. Bastards indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yes bastards indeed! But think of that blessed moment (tiny but there)when you thought that the email was from RA. That must have been nice:)

I hate spam mail ass well - but as you said your self. Good one.

Have a nice day.

mulubinba said...

Cheeky spammers!! I think I would have been sucked in if I'd sent a letter Nat ... you're not th eonly one.

Colleen said...

Heavens no, you shouldn't feel dupped. A while back I recd an email from "Richard" and I had a sudden intake of breath, and got all a flutter... but... wait, I havent' sent RA anything at all so just the thought of seeing HIS name got me going. Yes, we all hate those spamming low lifes, be carefully not to click on any links with a spam eamil, I know a guy who did and it downloaded a horrible virus onto his computer. It would be nice if you did get a written response from RA though - :) I love the music on our blog - awhhhh - thanks AND... I am working on getting some mugs printed up, more info later I promise.

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say that I totally get this impulse. If Mr. Richard sent Servetus an email, you can bet she would open it!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, I soooooo would have opened that email too! I wonder if they somehow monitored the sites you go to and saw the name "richard" pop up frequently and figured "that's our in!"

I mean, search engines like google do keep track of our web surfing habits which is how they have focused advertising so that the stuff we talk about/look at is what comes up on the advertisements. Who knows?

@Colleen, I too would go all a flutter from the name alone before I realized that I hadn't sent anything to him either, LOL!

And yes, I agree, those freakin' bastards!

pi said...

Even if it were an email from the silly moniker, "Mr Richard", my heart would leap a little and I would probably open it. Even though the chances, rationally, are nil.

The heart wants what it wants. :)

BTW, what's with the "Mr Richard" spam? Someone reading your blog? Is that then a good thing or a bad thing?

Silly bastards.

Ann Marie said...

Under the conditions you described, you had no choice but to open it....and it shows you are a hopeful, optimistic, glass is half-full kind of woman. Good for you!

Besides, you never know..;)

RedPoppy said...

Naughty naughty spam!!! I actually receive those same proposals at least once a day. Especially the ones from the UK lottery. But to ascribe them to Richard? inexcusable!!!

Phylly3 said...

So sad that you haven't heard any word about that awesome letter you +(we) wrote. I would have definitely fallen for that trick too!