Oct 21, 2010

Halloween Video Remake

Attention, German RA fans!
If you've felt deprived because you couldn't see the latest Festive Cheestastic
video on YouTube, then fret no more!  (Darn that Sony and it's limit to certain countries.)

On behalf of your fellow countrywoman Teena (aka: tygermag),
and you (if there's more of you out there), I modified the vid a tad so you'd be able to watch it.
The "Ghostbusters" theme has been switched out with "The Munsters" and "Corpse Bride" music.
I think it makes it a bit less cheesy, but will hopefully give you a laugh nonetheless.

*Be sure to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

Those of you who are able to view both versions
of this Halloween video, which one is your favorite?

1 comment:

Phylly3 said...

Well, I do love the Ghostbusters song, but this song is very good too. What is it called?
How nice of you to adapt it for your German fans!