Oct 27, 2010

Witches & jack-o-lanterns.

In honor of Halloween coming this weekend~
Richard reads a story about a witch named Winnie and her black cat Wilber
who do not like winter.  (So cute!  My favorite part is when Richard waves his wand.)

*Be sure to pause the spooky background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

Okay, so the story doesn't really have anything to do with Halloween...
but it does feature a witch.  Plus RA is adorable.

Have you ever seen those celebrity jack-o-lanterns?
Out of curiosity, I tried searching online for an RA jack-o-lantern design,
but no luck.  If there's one for each of the Harry Potter cast,
surely there should be a jack-o-lantern depicting Gisborne or Thornton, right?
Too bad I only carve the kind with triangle eyes and square-teeth smiles. :)


Violet8886 said...

I love Richard as a Vampire at the very top of the page..He would definitely make a sexy vampire..Note to all directors & casting agents...:) Yeah!!!

I love this time of year..the little kids all dressed up..They are so cute!!!

MaryKwizMiz said...

LOVE the spooky theme (and banner :)
hope I'll get some creepy, spooky, bloody, yet sexy thing going by Sunday. Really getting in the mood now :)

Anonymous said...

i have come to the realization that no one can say 'abracadabra' better than richard! he's got it down!

twinkling moon said...

Good question, why aren't there any RA jack-o-lantern designs? LOL!

You know what? I wonder if they might make some for his character in TH down the road.

Phylly3 said...

Oh Bravo Nat! You really have this blog decked out frighteningly fabulously for Halloween! Love your cheesetastic videos, new banner, music, and of course Richard reading us a story!

Traxy said...

Woah those pumpkin stencils are amazing! Alas, my pumpkin-carving skills also just extend to triangle eyes.

Seeing that clip just makes me think "that's not a proper wand" and I'm semi-tempted to send him a proper wand. Except I won't, because he doesn't need one and has not come out as a Harry Potter fan or a Pagan to my knowledge. Plus it'd be just a fraction too weird.

Love the Halloween decorations you've put up on the blog. :D RA looks good as a vampire, it has to be said. Hey, maybe RA could score a role in one of the two final Twilight movies, eh? (Oh the humanity - I'd have to actually get the DVD then. *shudders*) ;)

Violet8886 said...

Oh my god..Traxy you are so right on...Can you imagine if Richard was in any of the Twilight films?...Theaters would explode from the storm of female fans...Richard can do seductive and sexy all right...Have any of your heard the Radio Play "Clarissa" that aired on BBC Radio 4 this past spring..That was radio and you could feel the seductiveness through the airwaves...He's dangerously seductive in a way that makes you want him to take you...Okay, I think I am getting overheated here...;)

Joan Crenshaw said...

I will need to ask my son if he can carve a pumpkin for us, Nat! Though when he'd have time...they have two babies. But he has done a number of pumpkins like the Harry Potter ones.

I am wondering about the new issue of EW -- I subscribe, have for years. OMG, what if it makes the cover?

Violet8886 said...

Joan, it probably will make the cover of EW..and also Empire Magazine...:)

Anonymous said...

Not exactly a real pumpkin, but this is what I got when I put his picture through pumpkinizer: