Oct 4, 2010

Spooks 9.2

For those of you outside the UK that haven't been able to view
the 2nd episode of Spooks Season 9, email me and I'll send you a link
to a site that is much like Cast TV.  (Cast TV never did upload 9.2.  I feel like I
jinxed it by openly advertising where I watch Spooks.)

Spoiler Warning:
This post- mild spoilers in the form of
screen caps
and a few random thoughts. No major plot spoilers.
Comments section-  Big spoiler potential
due to open discussion.

I just have to say I'm loving Season 9 so far.
The storylines and characters are interesting.  Plenty of Lucas loveliness.
Suspense around every corner, as usual.  Good entertainment.

While Harry owned episode 1,
I think Lucas and Beth really shine in episode 2.
I enjoyed how it was filmed from each perspective.

A favorite moment was when they
were each looking at each other suspiciously from across the room.

I'm not sure if I like the newest newbie or not.  Time will tell.

We now know Lucas's online ID.
I wonder if the username "L_North216" will suddenly
appear on forums and Twitter. :)

Lucas had a Harry Kennedy moment when he wore this purple sweater.

Speaking of wardrobe...
The jeans & black jacket combo always makes me happy!

So do profile shots.

I didn't realize Lucas had a new black jacket this season until 
I read Me + Richard's detailed analysis on the subject.
Look closely and you'll see they're different.  Same color, similar material... but different.
I believe Lucas wore both in this episode... so he not only has a collection of collared shirts
and blue jeans, but black jackets as well.  He really knows how to mix it up. :)
(I'm not complaining... I love the black jackets!)

Last but not least, we got a glimpse of Lucas in the past.

What were your favorite moments of 9.2?

This post's comment section is open for
discussion of Season 9 episodes 1 and 2 only
*Please no spoilers for other episodes.*

Episode 3 airs in the UK tonight!
The BBC has approved the filming of Spooks Season 10.

Screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Net


Anonymous said...

Now my favorite part is imagining Lucas thinking "Why oh why did I have such dorktastic hair." Hehe

Unknown said...

Lovely post, as always. Predisposed to like the zaftig Sophia Myles. And please, could Lucas kindly be around for S10? Please?


tyme_4_t said...

Hey Nat - I loved the glass elevator race between Lucas/John and the Nigerian - so cool!

And what is it with this guy and gazebos!!! LOL

I'm gonna start hunting the net soon for 9.3 - not sure what happened with casttv for 9.2 but when you look at their lists for pasts seasons, a few episodes are missing (8.1 for example)

Cheers - and happy [spooks] Monday!

Twinkling Moon said...

Fab analysis as always Nat! And I am soooo appreciative of your clear demarcations of spoiler-free vs. spoiler zones :) This is one show I think that definitely is more exciting without spoilers.

I too liked the over-the-computer-stare-down between Beth and Lucas.

One of my fave moments is when Lucas demanded Harry give him 1000% support like he did Roz. I mean, the guy was tortured for 8 freakin' years for MI5! If that doesn't deserve some loyalty and trust in return then I don't know what does.

I'm also on the fence about this Layla character. I had to laugh when you brought up the gazebo thing because when I saw LN meeting Layla there, I thought it was the most natural thing in the world, LOL! I guess I've become accustomed to that being the designated hang-out :)

And Beth, I like her! To me she is a mix of Roz and Jo.

Looking forward to epi 3!

Skully said...

I loved the elevator race between Lucas an the Nigerian spy, so tense! Nice to see my screencaps put to use :)

Musa said...

LOL - Hilarious-you made me laugh for hours about Lucas wondering about the dorktastic hair that he has in those suitcase pics! What is THAT all about? But I love gazebos and will be happy to meet Lucas in any gazebo anywhere around the world at any time! Fascinating episode, so many questions about who Vaugh really is - must be former MI-5 or 6 I think? Did he recruit John/Lucas? What does Harry know? I'm also hoping to see Lucas in Season 10.

tyme_4_t said...

FYI - 9.3 on tv shack!

Avalon said...

You are so far ahead of me, I just finished series 8. My DVD came only a few weeks ago.

Myrtle said...

Loving it! I thought the Lucas/Beth/Chapman view point thingy was well done.

I'm guessing that Harry knows more of Lucas/Johns past. Just a feeling.

Harry seems very hurt by Ruth's rejection :(

I like Maya, Oh and I wish they would find a way to weave in a storyline so they could do the Argentine Tango.

(sorry I am bit obsessed with that:) )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Nat. I guess you already know which two scenes I was watching closest. I also loved the chase scene through the hotel.

I worry about telling people where I am watching leading to it get shut down, too.

Anonymous said...

Here are other links to watch spooks online or download it:




Phylly3 said...

Oops! I put up a link to my online source. I will take it down. I can't lose my only Spooks fix!!
Fantastic season! I am loving every moment!

@Rob said...

What I love about this season, is that Lucas/John has way more emotional depth. The writing is 100 percent better. I even like the Ruth/Harry romance thing that's sort of not going. Love seeing Lucas large and in charge.

To be honest, for me, Lucas was just a hot guy in tight jeans and a cool jacket, but now he has more to him than before. I am enjoying watching his charactor grow and change.

Don't get me wrong, still love those jeans. :)

Sue said...

I thought the scene with Harry taking the bag off the baddie was very smooth and well acted, making it look just like a cosy chat with someone to the outsider, but with a chilling purpose. Well done Peter Firth, a good piece of acting.

pollyprissypants said...

Nat, hurry up and watch 9.3, the kiss, THE KISS!! Love your blog by the way. It's so much fun and such a nice way to fan my RA fangurl flame. Just discovered your SFR vid on youtube as well and it made my day.

Violet8886 said...

Okay, I finished watching 9.3..Don't worry I won't spoil it for anyone..But I did notice that in one scene [at the grid] Beth was wearing a purple sweater..The same kind of sweater that Lucas/John was wearing when meeting Maya in the gazebo...Is something going on between Beth and Lucas? LOL...The sweaters seem the same..I think the same color purple..and both v-neck...naughty boy Lucas...;)

pollyprissypants said...

Dang, my first post and I said something I shouldn't have. Would some kind soul take pity on me and let me know how to edit or delete my previous post.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I also enjoyed the elevator race and the scene where Harry takes the bag.

Pollyprissypants, I have seen episode 3! :) I don't count your comment as a true spoiler since you didn't say WHO kissed. (I would have to delete it if you had to avoid ruining the surprise for anyone else.) By the way, there's usually a little trash can icon next to your comments if you ever want to delete them in the future.

diveknit said...

I liked this episode, especially for all the Lucas watching and ogling, I like his interactions with everyone and I think I am going to like Maya.

That been said, for me it didn't really work how they cut back and forth between characters and actually repeated themselves during the process. To me it didn't give a lot of new insides.

I also questioned how the Colombians knew that an MI 5 agent (Beth) was in this particular elevator in order to try to kill her. Same goes for the Nigerian official who showed up in the car just at the right moment to threaten Lucas, hmmm.

I am liking Beth more though and I do like the interaction between Harry and Ruth.

Judith Johnson said...

Thanks to Nate I am caught up. Is LN taking on a Donald Draper (Mad Men) dual identity? Can't wait for next week!

Sue said...

We may know what Lucas North's ID is on the computer, but I wonder what his password is? Could it be Mr. Peaches perhaps or Thornton? My choice would be Thunder Thighs for him!