Nov 1, 2010

25th Poll Results~ For the Love of Thornton

Large amount of John Thornton photos ahead.
Swooning, fainting and/or drooling may occur.  Get your mops ready.

What appeals to you the most about John Thornton?

I know, I know...
how can one choose between all that there is to love about 
John Thornton, brooding cottonmill owner?
"Unfair!  Impossible!" screamed the voters as their mouses hovered
over the various options... hands shaking, beads of sweat about to roll down their faces
as the agony of having to select only one option was almost more than they could stand!
"Too bad, so sad... just vote already" said the mean ol' blogger who
wanted to know their FAVORITE aspect.

Poll Results:

The way he sniffs a flower: 0 (0%)
*Gasp!*  Nobody favored the flower sniffing!?  How could you be so insensitive?
Would you have changed your mind for a red flower instead of yellow?
Is it because JT didn't inhale long enough?  What does a handsome,
flower-sniffing guy have to do to win you over with this scene!?

His stubbornness: 2 (1%)

The cravat & suit: 3 (1%)

 The cravat & suit... a thing of beauty. See a post all about those lovely cravats here:
JT and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Cravats

His profile: 4 (2%)

I think this is the 3rd time I've posted this pic,
but it's one of my faves... so lovely!

The sideburns: 4 (2%) 
 Oooh... sideburns... so manly.

Other: 4 (2%)

 Those who voted "other," please do share what it is you had in mind.
The top hat?  JT's basket arrangement?  His pocket watch chain?

 His work ethic: 5 (2%)

Loyalty to family: 6 (3%)

 His voice: 29 (16%)

The voice... squeeee! :)

Kissing skills: 30 (16%)

 No explanation here.   Let's all just take a moment to gaze happily.

The piercing stare: 39 (21%)
Ah, the stare.  This is my favorite!

His soft side: 55 (30%)


Myrtle said...

Suddenly, Monday morning is wonderful *sigh*

I love them all.

Thankyou Nat :)

Anonymous said...

The same as Myrtle:-) Monday morning and I'm laughing. Thanks Nat:-) Eva

Violet8886 said...

Any day with Richard photos from North and South is welcome... What makes him so attractive in that film is his vulnerability and he rocks that 19th suit...The Proposal scene is one of the best scenes of that movie..:)

bZirk said...

Oooh, I needed a Thornton fix today!

I honestly don't remember what I voted.

BETH said...

Thornton ah! always nice to see him in his suit, showing her sexy sideburns and hear his silky voice, I was glad the day! Besos

Teuchter said...

Doesn't that last picture of him looking lovingly down at Margaret on the station platform just melt your heart? *swoon*!!! I look up this last part of N&S constantly on YT - often last thing at night - just to see these scenes over and over again. When I listen to him narrating some of the audio books I have to say that I often imagine him in his JT clothes - with or without the cravat:)
Thanks Nat (and RA/JT) for warming me up on such a wet and windy Monday. Today would have been my 52nd wedding anniversary if my sweetheart had still been around but happy to have my "crush" to get me through!

@Rob said...

An all of the above option would have been nice it was too hard to pick!!

pi said...

I voted "other" because I can only choose his character. Basically, "all of the above".

In the character vein, I believe then, I would have chosen the basket of fruit. It shows not only his kindness, but also the beauty of the fruit (those rare and gorgeous, alive and glowing red currants (?)) resembles the beauty of his unfolding soul, and certainly represent his unfolding love.

FABULOUS PIX as always! Sigh....

Anonymous said...

I did the same as pi, even though I felt a bit as if I were cheating. I'd feel worse if the question had been easier. Your description of bloggers answering the poll was apt. It was tough, and I took the easy way out. (I couldn't even count out the way he sniffs a flower--I love that about him too.)

@Teuchter I imagine RA in his JT clothes while listening to his audio books too!! BTW I'm all misty reading your comment. I'm glad your crush was here for you too.

twinkling moon said...

It was a tough poll Nat, too many reasons to pick from as to why he so swoonworthy. But Violet's explanation resonates with me, I think his vulnerability despite his toughness is what gets me.

And thanks for the proposal scene clip :)

flandersdreamer said...

Thank you, Nat.
I so badly needed this Thornton fix because I'm all devastated by last night's Spooks episode.
Your post has cured me.
Nothing better than JT to put me to rights!

Avalon said...

Wow no one liked how he smells flowers

Joan Crenshaw said...

I have to agree with flandersdreamer. I'm the walking wounded this morning and needed a happy fix.

No, no one liked how he smells flowers BEST, Avalon.

Violet8886 said...

Well, I won't go into details about spooks for those who have not seen episode 7 yet..I need a Happy fix too..but remember there is one more episode to go..We don't know how things will finally be resolved or even if we only know the truth the writers want us to know...for now..We must remember that Richard has played other "complicated" characters before...

Avalon...I remember that scene where Thornton smells the yellow flowers..He was going to visit Margaret..but she wasn't there..The flowers on the hedgerow...The day was sunny and the sunbeams seemed so warm and made the scene look dreamy...Wouldn't you like to walk with Thornton in the hedgerow? I would...:)