Jan 10, 2011

Like a good neighbor... Richard is there.

I really hate the State Farm insurance commercials
that are shown over and over here in the US... but one tiny plus
I'll give them is their spokes person's hair reminds me of
Richard's circa Gizzy Season 1 & 2.

(Apologies in advance for annoying commercial.)

*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

State Farm must have figured that having
a Richard hair double would be like gold in the bank.

 Unfortunately, that Eddie Matos
fellow is a bit too smiley.  He hasn't learned
the art of the brood...
Eddie: "I can't brood!  I have to show off my dimples!"

 If you discover a Richard look-a-like
(or just a person's feature that reminds you of him)
let me know: armitageblog@yahoo.com


Charlotte H. said...

LOL. Dimples...ha ha. He does like showing them off, doesn't he?

This is my most hated commercial, bar none. But I have this strange feeling that if Richard was the one trying to sell me insurance, I'd be glued to the TV instead of reaching for the remote.

Violet8886 said...

We are so used to the "brood" it can be jarring if you get a guy with Gizzy hair who smiles a lot...LOL The other thing we are forgetting...Gotta have the big nose! I love Richard's nose. He may have thought it too big when he was young but it's perfect. It makes his whole look.

Laura said...

I'm with you, Violet: not only does the other guy smile way too much, but his nose is really small!

kristi said...

I cannot STAND those commercials though I've always been unable to turn away from them. NOW I KNOW WHY! It's the Gizzy-esque hair! I feel so much better now. I could never quite figure out why I couldn't stop looking at those irritating ads, and now I know. I am relieved.

sunflowersue said...

Nat, just think, kristi is a happier woman thanks to you. I guess I'm so busy throwing pillows at the "male enhancement" commercials, I don't mind this one. I mean come on. WHO has 2 bathtubs, outside yet? Just weird.

I don't know. Eddie's kinda cute. In a dimply sort of way. Wonder if stubble would help?

Traxy said...

Oh, he's kinda cute. But anyway. For me, I discovered yesterday that a LOT of people, who don't really look like RA still remind me of RA. Like a guy who passed by in a song on Phineas & Ferb. Saaaad, sad, sad. Oh, and a British actor in Silent Witness as well, but then I realised he looked more like David Tennant than RA. But still, my first reaction was "ooh, he reminds me of RA!" Well as long as I can keep my head level and not approach random strangers in the street with an awed "OMG, you look like RA, yay!" then ... then I think I'm good. ;)

Avalon said...

This commercial reminds me of Damon from the Vampire Diaries.

@Rob said...

I get where you are going with this, but for me RA is a one of a kind and I don't "see" him in other men. Oh, I got it bad don't I? Now, don't get me wrong, I find lots of other men attractive, but he's my one and only ubber crush. :)

Violet8886 said...

I'm with you @Rob..Richard is my Ubercrush too! It's not just brooding..but vulnerability. He's strong yet vulnerable and of course we all love the shirt off scenes..:) :)

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Twinkling Moon said...

um, okay, i posted a comment yesterday but i don't know where it went...anyhoo...I like the statefarm guy. i must admit though, I didn't exactly see RA in him until I looked at that side by side pic you have of them.

oh yeah, I'm with @Rob, Mr.A is definitely my Uber-crush!