Jan 5, 2011

Robin Hood Vids

Here are two Robin Hood videos by Liisakee.
They don't show much of Gizzy, but I like them so much, I have to share.
*Be sure to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before viewing.*

The first one is on the serious side.
I love the song and all the scenes of Robin's gang.
You can't watch it and not feel sentimental!

This one cracked me up.  (Oh, Vasey and PJ...)


Phylly3 said...

I just watched that first vid for the first time myself! Yes. I am feeling sentimental about the Robin Hood series. It was lots of fun with some great characters, like Vasey and Prince John (they were a hoot!). But as always, we need more Guy!*sigh*!

sunflowersue said...

That last one is a scream!! I kept waiting for the line, "Hide the wimmin and the children"!!!

Violet8886 said...

This makes me miss Guy all the more...Can't believe it was way back in 2006 when the first Robin Hoods came out..Time goes by..But Richard is still delicious!