May 23, 2011

Dorktastic Dwarfness

Those of you who saw
"Stick-Figure Richard Prepares for Dwarfdome" (watch HERE)
might remember the scene when SFR disguises himself as a dwarf:

That is why I burst out laughing even more than usual
when I saw Richard in this "dwarf costume"~


I loved that he was on his knees
with a pointy hat and fake beard like SFR.

Although he looks more like a cute little garden gnome!

Oh, and we can't forget the fist pump!  Woot woot!

In case you haven't seen the hilarious
fundraiser clip from the set of "The Hobbit," watch this!
(Pause the blog's background music at the bottom of the screen first.)

"This is gonna look amazing in 3D."  Love it!

What a fun bunch of guys! :)
I wish I could hang out with them for an afternoon.

Thanks to Richard Armitage Central for the pics.


Phylly3 said...

LOL! Yes! Your video was very prophetic. He is indeed practising being short! I am very grateful to RACentral for posting the videos and still pictures because I missed the telethon.

Musa said...

I think some of The Hobbit makeup artists have been watching "SFR Prepares for Dwarfdome"


NovemberBride said...

Well, don't we all? (want to spend an afternoon hanging out/asking questions/plumping their tummy pillows)...*snort*

Nat, the Prophet
has a certain ring huh?

violet8886 said...

Those guys seem a very very fun bunch. Richard is so adorable practicing his dwarf walk and his "woot" is adorable too. He looks so cute. All of them look like boys getting ready for Halloween. Sweet!!! The way Richard was walking [practicing his dwarf walk] He did kind of look like Stick Figure Richard...He's giving a shout out to our Nat!! :):):)

Ivania said...

Aaaaaaaaahahahha! Oh my, I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw this!

kaprekar said...

Poor Richard - the things he has to do for his art...

Violet8886 said...

It was very funny. Love how they do look like the dwarves from Snow White. LOL

Joanna said...

@ kaprekar:D:D:D

Myrtle said...

Wonderful!, I think Richard wins the prize for the best beard & hat :)

mulubinba said...

Lol - I thought of SFR as soon as I saw those dwarves :)

Ania said...

I love these guys and their sense of humor :)

@Rob said...

Love the fist pump at the end. Nice to see him with the lads acting like one of the guys.

RAFrenzy said...

I'm late but good to see you, Nat!

And love to see my favorite character -- SFR!