Sep 10, 2011

RA Word Search

Here's a little boredom buster...

You should be able to click on it and print it out.  If not, I can email you a copy. 
(Send your request to and I'll forward it to you.)

Click HERE for other dorktastic Richard Armitage games. :)

Remember the "North & South" one?
I accidentally called it a crossword puzzle instead of a word search.
Don't judge me.

I hope everyone out in RA-Land is doing well. :)
See ya next time I have a free moment!


judiang said...

Nat posts again. YAY!

This is cool. Thanks for the morning distraction. :)

Phylly3 said...

I will definitely be printing this! Thanks! :)
Too bad it isn't online and interactive so we could all help each other. Hmmm.. Maybe not, we'd all be fighting to circle the best words! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm printing it too! Thank you, just what a needed in this quite day.

Hope everything is well with you Nat.

OML :)

Violet8886 said...

Glad you are back. I love your blog and posts. You always come up with whimsical fun things like this word search. :):)

Myrtle said...

Thanks Nat, I love these.

Violet8886 said...

Love that you are posting now and again, Nat. :):)

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