Mar 13, 2012

Day 2 of F3

Welcome to the 2nd day of FanstRAvaganza #3. 
(aka: F3, because that's one long word!)

Today on this blog: SiouxsieSioux is featured as a guest blogger. (Post below.)
After you have enjoyed reading her Diary of a Crinkleholic (so funny!) please return
to this post and keep clicking on the links below for more Armitage goodness!

Today's fabulous FanstRAvaganza tagteamers:
Yup, there's more! In freeform: Melanie on why Harry Kennedy is the perfect man Rose Gisborne on which colors look best on Richard Armitage Itsjsforme unveils Guy of Gisborne's latest public service announcements (not safe for work!) In fandom, Fabo on Richard Armitage's statements about fans Gratiana Lovelace requests help captioning in "I'm Too Sexy for My T-Shirt!" The Hobbit chain goes creative with The Queen on Hobbit quilts Mrs. E.B. Darcy on Hobbit action figures! For King Richard Armitage, IngeD3 reviews the Michael Hicks biography of the fifteenth-century king In fanfic, John Thornton on why he loves Margaret Hale Jo Ann introduces us to a new Armitage character she knows we'll love Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day.