Mar 17, 2013

F4 Day 7: Life After RA Blogging

Today marks the end of FanstRAvaganza 4.
Thanks to all of you who have participated in any way~
those who have stopped by to check out my posts (especially those
who left comments!), my fellow RA bloggers, tumblr and
twitter peeps (your creativity is amazing!), and Traxy
for organizing this year's event.
Now that things are wrapping up, will I continue to blog about Richard Armitage? Maybe here or there, if an idea comes along.  Though I don't know him personally, Richard feels like an old friend.

I'm a passionate person. Whenever I like something, or the idea of something, I become obsessed over it until I get so over-loaded that I become sick of it, or a new interest comes along. (Example: a book or television series, a photography project I want to complete, a room in my house I am decorating...) Most of the time, these fixations come and go quickly, but sometimes they linger... like Richard, who has not been replaced as a fave. :)  I no longer consider myself obsessed with him, but that fangirly feeling always comes back when I see one of his new photo shoots or movies. The "squee" can't be controlled no matter how much time has passed!

When I started this blog 4 years ago, I posted new things daily or weekly.  There was always something RA-related popping into my head! This blog was the perfect hobby/outlet for my quirky, creative side and I loved sharing that with other RA buddies. But in the last year and a half, a lot of that creativity and motivation fizzled out.   It's not that I don't love RA... because he's still my favorite actor, by far. Probably always will be. I've continued to keep tabs on what he's up to and watch his shows/movies to get my fix now and then.  It's just that "real life" became busier than ever and truthfully, I lost some interest in blogging.  Its magic faded when I started worrying about not being original any more or the number of comments I received or if my posts would be interesting or funny enough... which can all lead to the dreaded "blogger's block."  I had to take a step back and remember why I started this blog in the first place... for myself, as a way to have fun.  (If others liked it, great- that was icing on the cake!)  But did all the other stuff really matter?  Nope.  I decided to blog only when I felt like it... not out of obligation.  So, the posts have slowed way down, and once out of the habit, it became less and less of a priority.  (Sorry if that sounds depressing... just keepin' it real!  And there's a positive ending so keep reading.)

This week of FanstRAvagaza has refreshed my love of RA blogging.  I've had so much fun whipping up random stuff that has come to mind.  I've loved reading other blogs regularly again.  So thank you for that boost, blog readers & participants! :)
Anyway, my point of this post is to let others know- there can be different phases of Armitage fanhood.  If you just barely discovered him and think, "Holy cow! Will I ever be the same again!?"  The answer is probably no... because chances are, through your love of RA, you will make all sorts of great friends online and maybe try things (like blogging?) that you hadn't thought of before.  Who knows when YOUR fixation will end, if ever? Many RA fans have been going strong since his start in "the business."  Some have faded in and out of the fandom, for whatever reason.  Perhaps my phase is considered a "mild simmer" now.  Maybe we all just need a shrink... is there a group theRApy session anywhere? :)
All I know is that for me, personally, there IS life after regular RA blogging.  The itch to post every day (or even month) did end for me. And that's okay!  Other hobbies have taken its place.  Other priorities (like sleep- haha!) have become more important. Dry spells or not, what I LOVE about being a Richard Armitage Admirer is that whenever I get the itch to temporarily lose my self in Armi goodness, the RA fandom is always there through forums, blogs, tumblr (which I have been learning all about this week) and amazing YouTube videos.   I know it's available to escape the daily "blahs" any time. So thank you fellow RA fans!  Like Richard, you have become "old friends," many whom I have come to know personally. And that means a great deal to me. :)

Stay tuned for future posts every so often... including a new Stick-Figure Richard adventure, coming soon
And to lighten the mood after that serious shpill...
(you didn't know I had it in me, did ya?)  I think we should
all take a look at Squirrel Beard and have a good laugh:

That is all. :)
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Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I've been nervous about this post because I'm not sure how my blunt honesty will be taken. (It's not meant to be a downer, so hopefully it doesn't read that way!) It's not a good-bye letter, rather than "I'll see ya around"... and slowing down doesn't mean "abandon entirely." Hope that clears up anything that might be misunderstood. :)

tyme4t said...

I love this post! Well done!
and I think I am more excited about a new SFR adventure then I am about the next Hobbit movie!

You were the one that truly started this whole RA trip for me. I too have "changed" - I don't check out everyone's blog everyday and when I do, I often don't comment. However it's so wonderful to have a "place" to go when you need to shake off those blahs - RA is just the tonic needed.

I have to say since The Hobbit has arrived, it's fun to watch/read the newest fans...reminds me of those days when I checked out blogs seveRAl times daily to see if someone commented on my comment!

So Nat - yes, we will see you around...and be happy to visit when time allows.


Smithylass said...

Love your posts Nat - thank you for all you have done in the past and those you will post in the future. Always fun! As to the influence of Mr A, I never thought I would write creatively far less fanfic so as a certain scrumptious accountant says, "There you go." Thanks Nat and I'm so looking forward to the further adventures of SFR! Smithylass x

Servetus said...

Thanks for all the wonderful blogging you have done -- including some of the barriers you knocked down while doing so!

Out of pure selfishness I would say I wish you were blogging more regularly because when I became a fan this blog was often the first place I came in the morning. I also appreciate how light-hearted you are in your writing and ideas!

That said, I think the average active life of a blog on a single-topic is something like 18 months - two years, as people's intensity flares and then fades. I totally get that. I really see blogging in my own life as a combined "labor of love" and "search for myself." There *is* a discipline element in it, insofar as I feel like I am a better writing when I write every day, and so I do try to post every day. But it's really all about me, and in fact, it's the only place in my life that comes close to being 100% all about me and my needs. That may also be part of the attraction.

I don't know what's coming for me; this will be another year of huge changes, no matter what happens. I can imagine I will always watch Armitage (and rewatch him) with a great amount of joy for everything that I learned in this extremely unexpected process ...

I hope we will see you here anyway. :)

pi said...

Your reasoning is well laid out, and reflects accurately, I think, what happens when the intensity dies down. It happens to all of us sooner or later. In my case, the more visible RA has become in the media, the more invisible he has really become. It's a trend that began way back and has now simply intensified. The more layers of image he dons, the less we see him.

I also think there has been a huge gap between acting jobs and that does take its toll. It's been how long since MI5? And here we have The Hobbit, an ensemble cast, and several years in the making. Meanwhile the PR is churned out, but he is not acting, not immediate too us.

Creating entertaining posts is a fair amount of hard work. Worrying about what your audience thinks does take its toll. You are wise to post only when you are inspired, and when there are things to inspire you. People remember, and we make a beeline here as soon as something new is posted.

As tyme4t has said, I look forward more to stick figure Richard than to the next Hobbit. Heh. Which means to some extent your blog transcends RA. I have appreciated particularly its light heartedness and that it has always been fun.

Thank you for such a thoughtful, heartfelt and honest post. You will always be one of the Originals.

Phylly3 said...

Dear Nat,
I enjoy your posts, no matter when you post or what you have to say! You shouldn't worry about being "a downer", because it is your honesty that always shines through.
I am only afraid that I might miss one of your posts!
I also can't wait to see more SFR!

Guylty said...

FanstRA 4 was great - it was brilliant to get to know other bloggers better. I knew a lot of them by their names from their comments on me+r, but it makes all the difference to have read more consistently on their blogs this week. Thank you, Nat, again for your suggestion of blogging about tumblr. More could be written about that - but if there are specific questions I am always happy to answer. And I hope that whoever decides to take a shot at tumblr, makes themselves known to me there so that we can hook up.
On the subject of your personal RA blogging journey: Thanks for this insight! As a relative newcomer to the fandom it is interesting to read - and an experience I share in terms of blogging in general. I have several blogs on the go on various topics - and yes, after about a year and a half/two years the shine seems to be gone and it is less compelling to write every day. I have not reached that threshold with my RA blogging quite yet, but when I do, I will remember your words.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually read blogs and I certainly don't write blogs (only my secret diary and it's not about RA). But RA have made me to start reading and looking for plogs (mostly because I think his most devoted fans fascinates and that it's actually a lot of fun).Specially this week I have been reading I think al the plogs on fanstRA, I will propably not read that mutch plogs because I won't have the time but I have enjoyd this week a lot as a newbie to RA fandom.
This have made me even to want to start my own RA blog but I'm afraid that I will loose my interest very fast and if I blog I would want blog regurlarly too. Then it's my english too, I have a good english but sometimes I just strugle a lot to find the right words.
We'll see, this has been an amazing fun week anyway. And it was interesting to read your thoughts about RA-blogging.

Beverly said...

I've appreciated your humor and fandom, and whatever time/priority it has for life right now, it doesn't lessen the fun and joy of what you've created.

Best wishes for your new projects and interests.

Your blog was one of the ones that encouraged me. Thanks.

Violet8886 said...

I love your page. and while you have not posted as often this year as years before, I still love it. You do so much creatively. I hope you continue to do so on this page. I understand if you are slowing down, but I will continue to visit your page for your wonderful creative, funny, and artistic posts :)

Violet8886 said...

I think many of us who have come here to this page understand you and understand that you and really all of us have a life, and it's okay to have that life outside of Richard! LOL We love your page and you are so funny and inspiring. so many times I have come here for a pickmeup or to remind me of wonderful posts and days. You have done so much! :)

Joanna said...

I found you and SFR:)on you Tube.
Thank you for all these years of laughing,Nat. I'm sending best wishes for you and your family.
Take care of yourself and good luck!

Myrtle said...

Well done Nat, and thankyou for so much fun. Your blog is a joy and your thoughts are most certainly not a 'downer' just an honest refelction of the ebb and flow of things.