Aug 22, 2014

One year older and wiser too... Happy Birthday *clap* to you!


Ah, the photo seen round the world...
Yes, it IS Richard's birthday!

Don't tell Stick Figure Richard that,
because he thinks it's all about HIM and HIS cupcake.

Although he was nice and sent 
the "real" Richard a message through

The Richards have had a busy year,
what with "Into the Storm" coming out...

and performing in The Crucible at he Old Vic.

Although there was apparently an incident where
Richard threw a book that hit a woman in the audience?
Oh well, he made it up to her.
She should have faked needing CPR.

And now, for a
birthday video flashback...
*click HERE if you can't see this on the blog*
How special.

Although, this video takes the cake.
*click HERE if you can't see this on the blog*

Happy Birthday to "our" Richard
and Happy Armitage Day to all you Armi-fans!


Phyllys Faves said...

And now my Armitage Day is complete! :) Thanks Nat!!

Mulubinba said...

I'm so late Nat!!! Thank you as always from me. Did he really throw a book at an audience member?

Servetus said...

A very belated happy Armitage Day to you, too!