Jun 1, 2017

Richard Through the Royal Sass~ An "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Review

I tried really hard to come up with a good title...
Richard Through the Red-Robed Mass?
Richard Through the Oleron Brass?
Richard and the Giant Sea Bass?

Whatever.  You're here.  Let's chat about this film because
I finally watched Alice Through the Looking Glass! 
(Just  a year late… don’t judge.)

I watched it twice, actually, since my 6 year-old daughter
is kind of obsessive in her viewing habits.

(I wonder where she gets that from?)
*Not my daughter, but totally fits her enthusiasm!

I enjoyed the sequel much more than the first.
Is that because Our Richard is in it? Or is it a better movie?  I’m not sure…
I will have to rewatch Alice in Wonderland to answer those questions fairly.

Anyway- back to Richard Armitage.
His role as King Oleron was
He said a few lines and scowled a few scowls
and told his daughter, the future Queen of Hearts,
that she was
bat shit crazy
and therefore unfit to rule after him.

So why did he agree to such a small role?
Because there are no small roles to Richard, people!
(I'm guessing. RA didn't actually tell me that.)

Plus, one of his 2 scenes included these awesome folks:

Not bad.

He once again portrayed a bearded king with a furrowed brow.

If Thorin (The Hobbit) and Monet (The Impressionists) had a baby, it would be King Oleron.

But this king looked ultra-royal with one of those fluffy red robes.

While Older King Oleron wasn’t too attractive in my opinion 
(it’s the bob he’s sporting- not my thing), 

Young King O was HOT!
I loved how he swooped in and carried his injured daughter to safety,
all while sporting a beard, close-cropped hairdo and those puffy renaissance-looking sleeves. 

*sigh*  How sweet.

Y'all know I'm a fan of The Armitage, 
but my favorite character in Alice Through the Looking Glass
is Sacha Baron Cohen's character, Time.
(Despite the man-bun hidden under that hat...)

I like his quirky, misunderstood personality and hidden soft side.

Overall, I would give this movie
3 out of 5 Oleron Beards.
I liked it, but it's not one of my favorites.
It is definitely worth viewing at least once.

Awesome fan art by elfko-namaja:

What did you think of this film???


Servetus said...

One of the film's producers tweeted that Armitage was their first choice for the role ... I took that with a grain of salt, but there it is.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Grain of salt taken, Serv. ;)
Thanks for sharing on your blog.

Phyllys Faves said...

Hey Nat! I just watched this last month too! (Found it on Netflix). Can't remember the date I saw it though. For all you know, we might have been watching it at the same time!
I'm so glad I found your blog post. I was just rereading a few of my old blog posts and I saw in my feed that you had a new post! Always a delight to get your ReAction on things.
I had much the same opinion on the film as you. But I only watched it once. I need to find a video with just his scenes and watch that a few times!