May 29, 2020

The Richard Armitage Blog Reunion- Post #2: Berlin Station Review

Me trying to get fancy-artsy:

The moment has come for me to give a summary
of Berlin Station, Season 1...
in limerick form.

You're welcome!
(Even though you didn't ask for/desire such a thing. It's here.)

There once was an agent named Daniel,
worked in Germ'ny for ol' Uncle Samuel.
wore dark clothes and bit gloves,
(like Gizzy, our love)
wants to keep Station from growing more scandal.

He kissed ladies to solve certain crimes.
(Even bore nekkid peaches a few times!!!)
Had to chuck a few phones,
when his cover was blown...
and to get rid of the women in line.
Actual footage of mobs chasing Agent Miller

Though Danny may seem a bit sullen,
has a soft spot for his sweet German cousin.
When things go south,
he has a foul mouth
and self-soothes with lots of buttons.

The end.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I just finished watching
Season 1 of Berlin Station. I've enjoyed seeing Richard play this

dark clothed, glove-biting, cussing American CIA agent.

It's very Lucas North in Spooks with a bit of Gizzy thrown in
and all the profile shots I love in North & South.
(The man has a great profile.)

At first, I hated Richard using an American accent since 
I LOVE his deep British voice. Either I got used to it, 
or he became better at it, because I stopped focusing on his
accent altogether.  Bravo, Richard!  I am excited to see

what happens next.  (No spoilers, please!)

Check out my previous post to see what
I've been up to since letting this blog gather too much dust.

I hope all of you awesome Armitage friends
are living your best lives and able to get your dose
of RA goodness often. :)  Don't forget to fill us in on
what you've been up to as well- either on your own blog,
twitter: #RABlogReunion, or comment below.


Traxy said...

Your limerick game is still on point!

Mulubinba said...

I didn't mind Berlin Station S1 & 2, but I prefer Richard with his British accent tbh. I didn't mind Daniel, but preferred Rhys Ifans' character (can't remember the name .... Hector). As Guylty mentioned on the other post, see if you can find The Stranger - that was quite good, and RA keeps the British accent.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I'm a bit rusty... but sometimes inspiration comes at 1 am. Ha!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I like the character Hector too. I think a lot of the actors in Berlin Station are actually British.