Sep 25, 2009

Photo Friday

~Starting this off with my own request. :)
I love this pic, and not just because I think long-haired Gizzy is hot,
but because the lighting depicts his character well.  Notice, half of his face is dark (his evil side) and half of his face is light (the softer side that we see more of towards the end of Season 3.) 
Okay, enough analyzing.  Great idea, Mulubinba... RA blogs unite! :)

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endorwitch said...

i havent seen any of season 3 yet (well a few fanvids with clips on youtube but i have been actively avoiding - i want dvds!!) but that hair...i waver between loving and hating it. i have had a thing for long haired guys for EVER but i like nice clean hair! but that pic is definately yummy. and look at those pretty eyes. who cares if Gizzy is a bit bad??? he has dreamy eyes! lol

Maria Grazia said...

I love those eyes!

bZirk said...

Excellent pic! and for the reason you stated.

I love how he looks great scruffy or clean cut!

Unknown said...

I saw the last episodes of season 3 yesterday and i really don't like how they finished the show...
anyway it was worth only to see RA of course!
I like this picture too. his double-sided face is really interesting

Mulubinba said...

Great to have RAfanblog joining in on photo Friday!
I'm still not sure about the Series 3 GoG look ,,, we haven't seen S3 out here yet either.

Starheart said...

Hmm, deep.

Long haired Gisborne is so hot. I loved his look in season 3 ep 3. Looks like they used curling irons?! At least shampoo anyway.

WitchyWoman said...

The way gizzy looked and behaved all unkempt, dirty, sometimes drunk etc was to reflect how he had fallen apart because of what he did to Marian. He was disgusted with himself and he was a disgusting person.
Trouble is all of that made him even more attractive.
I had to bite my lip when he appeared all smug and gorgeous in the episode with the stupid lion.
One fan said it was as though he was in a shampoo commercial. Strutting around shaking his hair like that. All that was missing was him saying "Because I'm worth it".

I know Richard suffered for his art with the hair. His suffering wasnt in vain as it made me and other women VERY happy indeed.

I know series 3 is being shown in other parts of the world so please dont read any lower because I have to mention my other fave Gizzy gorgeous moment.

When Gizzy was tied to the tree!!!
(Hey Nat if you have a picture of that to share..Hint Hint).

Back to my home in the gutter I go.