Sep 25, 2009

Richard Trivia

I'm probably not the only RA fan to do an online search of our favorite actor,
only to see pictures of this guy pop up instead:

Richard L. Armitage

I'm referring to "the other" Richard Armitage...
the non-actor, non-hot one who is always making that gruff face. 
The one who was Deputy Secretary of State during President George W. Bush's first term. 
Yeah, that's not the guy we want to see when we type in "Richard Armitage photos"...
shouldn't Google read minds by now?

On the bright side, the people who do an internet search for the other Richard Armitage
will get a pleasant surprise when ours pops up instead!  And in keeping up with Tux Week...

Richard C. Armitage
Doesn't he have great teeth?

So what does the 'C' stand for?  All obsessive... er, inquisitive fans should know.
RA's middle name is Crispin.  I can't help but wonder where that came from. 
Is that his mother's maiden name?  Is it an old family name?  Is it just something his parents liked?

Here is some more RA trivia taken from IMDB:
*With Nat's thoughts in green.*
  • Height: 6'2"
    Yes, we know he's tall!  We've all gawked at those long legs.  His height was especially emphasized in "The Vicar of Dibley" next to shorty Dawn French.
    Look at him hunched in that doorway! haha.

  • His parents are John, an engineer, and Margaret, a secretary. Ironically he played the character
    John Thornton in 'North & South', and his love interest was Margaret Hale.
    It sounds like RA was brought up in an average middle class family.  I'd love to know more about his parents.  Who does RA look like?  Did he inherit any of their manerisms that have been transfered to film?  I think an actor's childhood can affect their work, so these things interest me.

  • His older brother's name is Chris.
    More curiosity!  Do they look alike?  Do they get along?  What does Chris think of his brother's career?  In what ways (if any) has Chris influenced RA's acting?

  • At age 14, he persuaded his parents to send him to a vocational school in
    Coventry where he could develop his musical talents.
    John & Margaret Armitage sound like supportive parents.
    They must be very proud of their son's success these days!

  • At 17, joined a circus in Budapest for six weeks to get his Equity card.
    I picture RA riding an elephant, even though that probably didn't happen.

  • Previous jobs include packing boxes in a warehouse, worked at a laser gun place
    and took front-of-house jobs in the theatre but continued to go to drama classes.
    He has had weird jobs like the rest of us!  Too bad he was never a telemarketer. 
    With his voice, he could've hypnotized anyone into buying anything!
    Maybe Lucas North is a telemarketer on the side...
  • Started acting career in musical theatre.
    Here is Richard in the cast of CATS in the 1993/94 cast. (Thanks for the pic, Susie.)
    You may have to click on the photo to enlarge, but he's on the top row, 4th from the left.
  • Joined the Royal Shakespeare Company at age 28 for 18 months.

  • He plays the cello, guitar, and flute.
    Wow.  I'd love to see and hear it!

  • To get into character as Lee, his role in "Cold Feet" (1997), he took up aqua aerobics.
    RA in a speedo... um, no comment.

I know you've all stopped reading this and are staring at a certain area of this picture!
Stop it now or you won't be able to look away!  Sickos.

And I think we'll end on this note.

Have a great weekend. :)


endorwitch said...

whats wrong with looking at his thighs???? honestly thats what i am looking at.....coz i find budgie smugglers just nasty to look at! :D

WitchyWoman said...

Sorry Nat. I've forgotten that last post all I remember is speedos and now I've gone blank...sigh.

(crawls back into the gutter)

Andrea Milano said...

Those speedos......sigh I am speechless!!!

bZirk said...

He would have made a great telemarketer!! Probably the only one to actually sell me something. :D

Starheart said...

That's so interesting that he plays the cello flute and guitar.

I swear, i wasn't staring.
(joins Witchywoman in the gutter)

Anonymous said...

I think he's got a pair of inflatable waterwings stashed in those speedos!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ladies, remember he IS 6'2" tall :D

Anonymous said...

ah! i so love him. . :D 6'2" tall, long thighs, white teeth, plays instrument.. what is there not to love..? :D

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy my