Oct 6, 2009

Ebay, anyone?

I checked out the Richard Armitage collection on ebay for the first time,
just to see what treasures they had in store (and to get a good laugh) and here are a few of my favorites:

Someone from Greece is selling a bunch of "jumbo fridge magnets."
Hm... if they had a life-size cardboard cut-out, I might consider it.

The Hubs: "Does cardboard Richard have to go with us everywhere?  Even on our family vacations?"
Me: "Shh!  He'll hear you!" *secures a seatbelt snuggly around cardboard RA.*

Two people in the UK are selling Gisborne mugs.  (They must not have enjoyed Season 3 very much.)
How lucky are the Brits for being able to purchase Gisborne merchandise at their local Target!?
(Or wherever British people shop.)  I don't know if I'd be willing to shell out the cash for that big shipping bill... unless RA himself drank from this mug!!! 

Me:  "You put the Gizzy mug in the dishwasher!?"
The Hubs: "Um... it was dirty."
Me: "There were fingerprints!  There was DNA!  How dare you!!!"
(Okay, this would never happen because my sweet husband doesn't do dishes.)

This would be more likely:

*Nat goes out of the room for 2 seconds*
Preschool Son: "Moooom!  Come see what brother just did!"
*Nat runs into the kitchen to find toddler son sitting on top of the kitchen table,
smiling sweetly with a pile of broken mug sitting nearby.*
Me: "Another one bites the dust."

And then there are a few double-sided keyrings.
I would never carry around this keychain, since I'm already a Mrs. 
(Cardboard RA is one thing... but I have my standards. haha.)
I was going to make a joke about Annabel Capper carrying one of these around...
but why would I do a silly thing like that!?

Happy shopping, everyone!


Starheart said...

I've been tempted by the keychains. But no. It's a little stalkerish. That's my limit! At least with DVDs i can claim educational purposes.

bZirk said...

Uh, yeah, I guess they're historical -- sort of. LOL!

Frankly, I'd feel like a complete idiot carrying a keychain with "Mrs. Richard Armitage" on it. ROFLOL!! Poor Richard Armitage. I guess that kind of adoration is a good problem. I guess.

But I will admit to wanting a Little Guy action figure. That would be a total hoot. But then I had a Jack in the Box antenna ornament on my car a few years back. I thought those were hilarious, and I HATE car ornaments -- never had a bumper sticker and will do serious damage to anyone who puts one on my car. Never had anything on the rearview mirror either. But in my crazier moments I've toyed with the idea of perching a Little Guy there. ;)

bZirk said...

Oh, and shame on you, Natalie, for making a crack like that about Annabel Capper -- let alone mentioning her name. :D

(Ahem. No aspersions intended to Ms. Capper at all; I hope she can take a joke -- bet she can).

WitchyWoman said...

I want a Guy action figure. Not for myself(its true) but for my little one as she has the castle playset with Marian and Robin figures and a horse.

Sue said...

Have you seen the bags for sale on Ebay with "Mrs Armitage" emblazoned on them?

Maybe Richard should buy one for Annabel! (Or maybe he has already!)

I think someone is making a mint out of our lovely RA and his fans!Do you think there is a sweat shop somewhere churning out all these things?

Longhairedtoad said...

I admit I have popped my head in and taken a look at what is selling.

I'm still waiting for the leather outfit to go up for auction. A person can dream, right?

bZirk said...

I heard that he's trying to keep it, but Keith Allen wants it. Uh, I hope Keith only wants it for posterity; otherwise, it might make for a great Halloween costume for him. I can almost see him dressed up as a Gisborne wannabe. I'm sure some of the fanfic authors would have a field day with that.

Maybe you can photoshop that, Natalie. ;)

endorwitch said...

i want a guy figurine!!! i have other figurines from other shows/video games i have liked so its not like i would be doing anything too bizarre for ME.

i just had a look at the UK ebay i saw a Will Scarlett figurine and i was all 'I WANT ONE OF HIM TOO! and can you get Allan???' after Gizzy they were my two fave characters. I would start my own Little Guy adventures where Gizzy travels around with his new best friends Will and Allan! :D

i wish i lived in england so i could get them easily! i also saw a Nottingham Castle you could buy! AWESOME! yes - i am a 32 year old dork!

hedgeypig said...

Can't imagine the leather outfit coming up for sale sadly. When they had stuff displayed at Notts castle in 2007 one of the guides told me that the Gisborne model was found with his trousers down one day. Someone obviously got a bit overexcited.

bZirk said...

LOL! I'm having a hard time squaring that with the stereotypical view that Americans have of the "refined" English. Musta been someone from Scotland.

Yes, I'm just kidding. But I really did laugh out loud when I read that. LOL! Too bad someone didn't get a picture. ;)

Sue said...

Gizzy with his leathers around his ankles wow! That I would love to see!

bZirk said...

Mrs. Richard Armitage could have at least left a stategically placed key chain or two.

Avalon said...

My little boy wants the mug but if I buy it I would probably steal it...lol...Can you imagine your lips being so near to his???