Oct 5, 2009

Tattoos and Chesticles.

Ah, the anticipation of the new season of Spooks soon to come...
I stumbled on an article HERE in which I thought they were announcing when Season 8 begins, only to realize they were talking about Season 7.  Dang it!!!

Oh well.  There was a paragraph decoding Lucas's tattoos:
On his torso: Gnothi seauton (Know yourself), Dum Spiro Spero (As long as I live, I hope), MNP (Peace) and Omerta (Silence).
The Russian writing on his arm: "See nothing, hear nothing and say nothing to nobody."
Cupolas (domes) on his back: one for each year spent in jail.
The tattoos (which are actually transfers) took 2 hours for costume/make-up artists to apply. 
(Again, WHY am I not a make-up artist!?)

The subject reminded me of Gisborne and his tattoo.  (Remember the first tied-to-tree episode mentioned a few posts ago?)  First of all, that thing looks like it was drawn on with a sharpie marker... by a drunken Keith Allen.  Secondly, what is it supposed to be!? (Can't remember and can't tell by looking at it.)  And third, after the Sheriff got rid of the evidence, why didn't we see burn marks when Gizzy was later flaunting his gorgeous, half-nekked self like this?  Go ahead and stare at this picture to notice anything of the contrary. (Purely innocent observational purposes, of course!) 

Not that we care about the forgetfulness of the writers
when looking at such an image, right?

Also, has been announced that the Robin Hood Series 3 DVD set
will be released in the USA on Jan. 12, 2010.


Starheart said...

About the Gizzy tat, on the commentary during the tattoo episode I think Jonas or someone asks RA what it was supposed to be and he says a wolf (from what i remember?)

Oh yeah, burn marks. That would have made sense huh. Totally forgot there should have been burn marks. Hehe, easily distracted.

Andrea Milano said...

I wish I was one of those tatoos ;-)

Ali said...

Yes it's a wolfshead, same as the buckles on his coat and jacket in s1 and s2. In Medieval England Wolfshead meant outlaw which I always thought to be a bit ironic.

Regarding the scar, I remember having a lengthy debate with my fellow RA fans about the fact that there IS a scar, a very faint one mind, on the inside of his right arm in that scene in Locksley in s2 ep 3. It's not that clear, but having spent way too much time than is strictly necessary staring at his skin I am convinced it's there. Not everyone agrees with me however :P

WitchyWoman said...

Regarding the Lucas tattoos. I always wondered what the one on his arm said so thanks for clearing that up for me.

As for Gizzy's If you look upside down it kind of looks like a bat. I think wolf is a better answer though.

Oh and that scene when he is trying his armour on. I think I did a Marian too in the sharp intake of breath department followed by a muttering of "Hubba Hubba"...sigh.

Maria Grazia said...

What a wonderful way to start a new week. But I have to go and start working on my papers and lessons, instead! I risk being terribly and definately distracted!Bye!!!

endorwitch said...

leys all celebrate now coz its been confirmed Lucas; shirt is off again in season 8 so more tattoo pervage! OMGAWD I SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!1111

and yeah - i am sure they said gizzys tat was a wolf.....i can see a doggy head shape buts what with the two lil bits that point downwards????
anyhoo you may have forced me to sit down sometime this week with my robin hood dvds and pause during that shirtless scene (and any other where the scar might be visible) to check for it. :D

bZirk said...

Where do I go to become a make-up artist?

Sue said...

I can just imagine Richard thinking to himself in that last photo from RH2 "hurry up and finish filming this flippin' scene so I can breath out!

I do get the impression sometimes in these shots that he's a bit self conscious about showing his pecs (and other things). Sorry Richard, it's just another one of those many sacrifices for your art that you will have to make during your long and eventful career! Besides it keeps your sex crazed fans happy! (Well it beats taking HRT anyway!)

bZirk said...

I have never liked tatoos -- until now. :D

Anonymous said...

The actual translation for "Dum Spiro Spero" is While I Breath, I Hope.

Not trying to be a know it all, but I have that tatooed on my hip, mainly because I'm from South Carolina (Its the South Carolina state motto.)