Nov 11, 2009

High Five to Katia!

YouTuber KatSw3 is extremely talented.
Her Richard Armitage videos blow me away!

She has disabled embedding of her videos on other sites,
so I will provide links to a few of my favorites that she has created.

I abosolutely LOVE her Impressionists fan vid which can be seen HERE.
All of you Monet-doubters will immediately want to see "The Impressionists"
after viewing her amazing clips and the music is perfect. 
(It makes me want to watch the movie again!)

Katia also has an awesome Guy/Marian vid HERE.
(This one was first brought to my attention by blogging buddy, Maria. Thanks, M!)
I love the gorgeous music... especially towards the middle when it picks up. 
Very haunting and beautiful!

Be sure to check out the rest of KatSw3's videos on her YT channel HERE.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Katia!
Keep up the amazing work. :)


ZikPot said...
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Starheart said...

Those fanvids are so artistic. I imagine it must have taken so long to do the GOG one!

bZirk said...

Haven't watched The Impressionists video yet. But regarding the Guy/Marian video: wow.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Bzirk, you have to watch The Impressionists one! HAVE TO! :)

bZirk said...

OH, I did watch it! So sweet, and it's not only beautiful but really captures the passion and sensitivity of the Monet character.

Watching that video reminded me once again what's made me really fond of Richard Armitage. He might be a schmuck in real life, but I'm having a hard time thinking that's true. He just seems so sensitive, kind of naive (for all his swagger at times) and adorable. I hope he gets to be in something really fine again.