Jun 2, 2010

Letter to Richard ~ Final Draft

As most of you know,
I've written a letter to Richard, which can be read HERE.

The Richard I'm referring to, of course:
The final draft has basically stayed the same,
besides editing and adding a few comments from blog readers.

Here is the final list of comments that
will be included in the letter:

Time_4_T~ Please accept this letter in the spirit it is written - not from an "army" but from thoughtful people who appreciate your talent as an actor. There are many Canadian fans who enjoy your work!
Anonymous~ One great thing about being a fan of yours is meeting and forming friendships with others who share similar interests.
Beth~ (Greetings from Argentina!) Even though I live very far from you, with your work I feel very close.
Musa~ I love the fact that you have a wonderful sense of humor and though you take your work seriously you don't take yourself too seriously. I admire that in a person.
Lady Gis-Monet Thornton~ Richard, we here at The Richard Armitage Fan Blog are not to be confused with crazed fans or an "army" (you know what I mean, right Richard?) In fact, we assemble here just as a means of sharing our deep appreciation for your inspiring and excellent work as a collective, friendly community. Any flames against you are promptly used to toast marshmallows.
flandersdreamer~ People, regardless of where they live, which language they speak or what background they have, became friends because of you, dear Mr. Armitage. You have an extraordinary talent as an actor and a rare quality as a person that makes us want to share our thoughts about you. Thank you for that.
MillyMe~ You have shared with us how you prepare for each part that you play through the reading of literature and often extensive physical training and you make sure that you give credit to the authors, film-makers and other cast members. This ensures that people who read your interviews are aware of how much of a team effort every artistic endeavor is. You have fans in Norway!
30Rock~ Please don't ever ever think about cosmetic surgery for your nose. It's perfect just the way it is.
@Rob~ You always manage to create these real characters, and I forget that I am watching you and become lost in the story. And, yes, your nose is perfect, if you go under the knife, I am out.
Myrtle~ You have many supporters here in America and it would be wonderful to see you work over here. Some of them would like to take you skiing.
Andrea Puig~ Did you know you have fans in Mexico too? I hope you can visit America someday! You will be welcome that's for sure! I wanted to express my admiration for your professional work and especially towards your humanity and your humility with your fans and your admirers.
Twinkling Moon~ And when you do come over State-side, don't worry about having a perfect American accent. Just be your lovely, charming, British self. We Americans actually go all-a-flutter when we hear that English accent. Mr. Armitage, I know people say you have lovely eyes, and you do. But when I look at you, I can't help but notice your mouth. You see, your teeth are just beautiful! I just want to reach out and touch them. Please don't be scared of me, I'm a professional! I'm a dentist, really, I swear.
Jane M~ I can't wait to see where the future takes you. Best wishes for your future professional endeavors. May you enjoy them as much as your fans do.
onemorelurker1~ Greetings from Peru! *Thank you* for putting so much effort into every character you play, each one has touch us in different ways, they’re complex, very human. Your portrayal of them has inspired not only me but also many fans (i.e fiction, videos, graphics, paintings, blogs…), I just have to watch their work and I'm amazed at the result obtained from their talent and the understanding and caring of your characters.
Phylly3~ I have never participated in a fandom before but something about your exquisite skill at character portrayal combined with the tidbits we learn about what an intelligent and kind human being you are in real life has made me and so many others want to follow your career and cheer for you along the way.
Anonymous~ You are one handsome guy. I especially like to see you wearing a cravat, black leather or fuzzy sweaters.
Anonymous~ Things a Man Should NOT Say When Attempting to Fend Off a Thronging Horde of Female Admirers:
“My best dance is the Argentinean Tango.”
“I’m pretty handy with a screwdriver.”
“I would probably like to kiss Nigella Lawson after she’s just eaten a chunk of chocolate cake.”
“Night-night. Sleep tight.”
Elisabet~ Greetings from the Netherlands! I would like to thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary talent. A number of the roles that you have played have even helped me think about situations in my life and understand them better. You really have a wonderful gift.
Sephy Rose~ I would like to express my admiration for your work as you provide a truely engaging and interesting persona with every character you play.
zyradustorm~ I deeply admire your talent, and dearly hope you will come to the States! Your acting is phenomenal, and it makes me believe every character you play is a real, living, feeling person! Not just anyone can do that. And yes, please do another period piece!
bZirk~ I would add something, but I don't have anything that would make Richard Armitage fall over in a dead faint with undying love for me. :D
iz4spunk~ Thank you for giving a face to John Thornton and a voice to Sylvester and Damerel.
RAFrenzy~ Thank you Mr. Armitage for all of the hours of wonderful entertainment and thought provoking comments, and thank you for inspiring people like Natalie. What a pleasure she has been as well. I hope you will take a look at her blog because I know you will enjoy it. I also hope she leaves my comment exactly as I've written it.
Sandra~ Is that really you on YouTube dancing to that Gloria Estefan song?
Sophie~ You have many French fans too!
Jemma~ Greetings from another Canadian who ardently admires your work. It takes special talent to bring such depth to your roles and courage to allow the vulnerable part of your characters to show through. Thank you, not only for many hours of amazing entertainment, but for many enlightening moments. Very best wishes in all your future endeavors - we'll be waiting with great anticipation!

I'll let you know when I mail the letter...
which will hopefully be today or tomorrow.
(And while I'm at the post office, I can finally send bZirk's prize
from the "Guess that Scene Contest" held a while back.)

Richard after receiving our letter in a few weeks,
or however long it takes to get into his hands:


MillyMe said...

I'm tingling at the thought that Richard will read our words! I know that he gets loads of fanmail, but surely a joint letter from admirers around the globe and Stick-figure Richard into the bargain (I hope, though you talk of posting which leaves me uncertain about SFR) is not a usual occurrance?

A huge thanks, Nat, for coming up with the idea and taking the time and effort to compose and send it!

Phylly3 said...

I am very excited about this! Thanks so much for doing this and letting us tag along with you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you very much Nat! I hope it doesn't take long to arrive and be read by whoever deals with RA's fanmail first so he can read it as soon as possible.
I'm sure he'll have a great time checking your blog and especially SFR :D

tyme_4_t said...

Well done Nat :) - glad to see you've faced your "fear" and are just going to send it! Hey you only live once and once you drop it in the mail, you can move this from your "things I would like to do but am a bit chicken list" to your "Been there, done that - gonna make a SFR t-shirt to celebrate!"

fitzg said...

PLEASE produce a SFR t-shirt!

zyradustorm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zyradustorm said...

YES! PLEASE design an SFR t-shirt! that would be amazing! i can already imagine many different variations! Great letter! Thanks for including me!

Avalon said...

This is brilliant, such a splendid piece of work. I hope you all receive a reply.

mg said...


Great job. I simply looved your blog. It's like seeing my thoughts in writing. I hope you recieve a reply soon :) I am sure RA will not disappoint us.

This is the first time in my 31yrs that I am actually participating in any kind of fandom - and all because of RA. He is THAT good. I adore him for the work he puts into playing all his characters, his voice - the detailed expression even when the camera is not focusing on him :) well pretty much everything about him.

Dear Mr Armitage - I wish you good luck on all your future endeavors and looking fwd to seeing you on-screen and hearing your voice (do some more bedtime stories :P)for a looong loong time.

Thanks Nat for such a wonderful blog


*Chica Popcorn* said...

a thousand thanks Nat!! I'm also very excited by the idea, and by the way...thanks for changing my nickname^^ good luck for you, the letter and all of us!!

Imagine Nat! one day you will receive his autograph in response!!!

Traxy said...

Have you remembered to put a return address in the letter so he knows where to send a reply? ;D

The comment on what not to say when fending off a hoard of women makes me giggle every time! So true, soooooo true!

Charleybrown said...

Cool letter Nat! I liked reading everyone's comments added too :)

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Thank you Nat for your effort. I feel honored to be part of the collective. Your blog was a gateway to the RA blogosphere and since I've gotten lost in RA conituum :)

BETH said...

Hola! Natalie thanks for having such a good idea to send this letter to Richard! I am anxiously waiting for response from him. What nerve! kisses from Argentina.

Twinkling Moon said...

Natalie, Natalie, MR. A must read and respond to this letter! He just must! He doesn't know what he is missing if he doesn't check out this blog :)

Like Iz4spunk I feel honored to be part of the letter. I think this style of letter is such a unique idea that whomever reads his fanmail would feel compelled to pass the letter onto him, and he in turn would feel compelled to respond. Good point Traxy to remind Nat to have a return address on there.

The only way I can see RA not respond to this letter is if he starts to worry that some fans may feel jealous that he personally responds to this one and not some others. But gosh darn it! This one is just so unique, at least I've never heard of anything like it.

Best of luck to you Nat! And keep on blogging :)

flandersdreamer said...

Thanks, Nat, for being just a little less chicken than myself.
I hope he reads it and will draw courage and fun out of it. I read in interviews that Richard tries to read all his fanmail and replies to it when possible. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Lady Gis-Monet Thornton said...

Gah, to think that THE Richard Armitage will be reading our letter and expressions of admiration!!! Too good, too good. A round of applause for our only means of doing so, NAT!!! *thunderous claps* You're the best, Nat! None of us (well, most of us, myself included) would have ever scrapped up enough guts to write to RA on our own. But, thanks to you, we can tell him how we feel (without getiing creepy or stalker-ish. Stalkerly? stalkeresque? Dunno.). Thanks again!!! :D

Myrtle said...

You go girl!!!!

RAFrenzy said...

I'm getting anxious! :D

It will be three months in about a week and a half. I never was one to be very patient.

Even though I would have NEVER written a letter myself. LOL!