Jan 31, 2012

A Fanstravocity!

Before we get to the business at hand...
let's just take a moment to stare at this bearded pic.
Piercing stare of hotness+beard+black outfit=SWOON!
Okay.  Enough gushing.  (If only he'd stop staring at me from beneath those furrowed brows.)

This is just a heads up for you to mark your calendars (at least mentally) for the upcoming FanstRAvaganza in March.  You may have seen the poster on my sidebar (or those on other blogs) or read about it somewhere.

Those of you new to the RA blog world are probably wondering what all the fuss is about!  For the past few years, a bunch of us Armitage bloggers "get together" for a week-long, multi-blog event, celebrating Richard Armitage and his (let's face it, because it's true) awesome fans. It's like an Armitage carnival, and we all get to be the kids holding the cotton candy, riding the ferris wheel and having a good time. :)

You can read about the history of the FanstRAvaganza HERE.  (How it came to be and such.)
This year, Servetus the Great of Me + Richard is the ringleader, getting us all prepared and organized.
There will be several anchor blogs, which will be publishing something new every day (I will be one of those)
and many other tag team blogs, which will participate at least once during the week.  It's gonna be awe-soooome!

In order for this to be extra fabulous, we will need YOU blog readers and fellow RA admirers to participate.  Your thoughts and comments are so important! You can keep posted before and during this year's festivities by following the hashtag #FanstRA on Twitter or "liking" the FanstRAvaganza facebook page HERE.  Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

Links to previous events on this blog~
1st Year of FanstRAvaganza
2nd Year of FanstRAvaganza


Unknown said...

*stares at the beard*



I love him with the beard. No idea what you wrote up here, I was distracted by Richard.

Violet8886 said...

I love fanstravaganza! Wait, did I spell that right? Love the pix. the beard is hot. He is indeed so distracting and handsome. He is very regal and distinguished. His looks only get better with age. Thank you Nat for all your posts. They so make my day! :) Honest and for true. :)

Violet8886 said...

I love this. This keeps the winter doldrums at bay for sure. :)

Seela said...

Hey I am new here but love this site. Usually I check out Richardarmitage.net The music is way cool here too. Keep on rockin'

anonymous said...

Love this :)

Anonymous said...

The singing voice! Not perfect - not really highly trained. Reaching the lowest levels of the baritone range. Almost bass. (Servetus, and frenz will correct me here, as they have the trained ears.) But so stirring.

Nat - you will be back for F3?? Please say yes.

Violet8886 said...

I love Nat's site. She is so creative and inventive. Funny too. :) I love Richard's singing voice. He can do a lot of ranges. Not sure if he qualifies as a professional singer, but he is not half bad. He's not embarrassing. :)

Love to everyone here. :)

Phylly3 said...

So glad you will still be part of this great event (which you started!)

I may not get to comment much, as I will be away, but I will be reading as much as possible when I can!

Colleen said...

SWEEEET! I am so excited for this - I look forward to it.