Feb 23, 2012

My new post... on someone else's blog. :)

I was featured as a guest blogger on Melanie's Musings last week,
who had a week-long focus of North & South. Since she was raving about
the book and miniseries, she probably figured it was only fair to properly
warn her readers about something that we all know exists...
Thornton Syndrome.

Click HERE to read my guest post.
(Then stick around and check out the rest of her blog.)
Thanks for inviting me, Melanie!

I will be privileged to have a few guest bloggers
of my own next month.


Elle said...

great blog. And I'm so glad I found an intelligent blog on RA. became a fan when I saw him portray John Thornton in North and South, but seems I watched a lot later than most people.

Violet8886 said...

I absolutely love North and South. Richard should do more period pieces. He was so regal, and refined. Yet, he could still be vulnerable in that role. I love that you post these things Nat :):):)

Love your Blog :)

bccmee said...

Oh thanks for letting us know about your guest blogpost. I only just learned of Melanie's Musings from her entry into FanstRAvaganza. :)

Myrtle said...

Lovely post, there is no way back from Thornton Syndrome.

Unknown said...

I was just browsing for Richard Armitage blogs and found yours! It's nice to meet you. I'm running a Battle between Richard and Sean Connery this weekend, and all of my American readers are voting for Sean. I thought I'd seek out some Richard voters to make it a better contest. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

Nat, thank you for the laughter and "sanity" brought to our home by your blog, it's the best medicine.
My daughters and I acquired this syndrome a year or so ago and my husband has been good enough to put up with it all this time. Keep cheering all of us on, we have shared north and south with our friends and they have joined in the insanity.
One of our newest RA victims asked us how soon should she wait before re-watching N and S, we told her that 24 hrs. Was more than reasonable waiting time.

mommbsta said...

is this how it is with fans of other personalities ? new at blogging - such a warm and welcoming feeling. tried to get over the RA syndrome/epidemic but now i'm accepting it as an evolution

Levi said...

Hello mate nnice post