Dec 5, 2014

Armitage-Outlander Connections

Outlander has been one of my latest obsessions.
(Both the Starz TV show and the
book series by author Diana Gabaldon.)

So for all the other RA fans out there who
enjoy the television show, here are a few connections.

First, there's the obvious one:
Richard's co-star, Graham McTotallyAwesome,
plays Dwalin in The Hobbit series...
and the War Chief, Dougal MacKenzie, in Outlander.
Both characters are tough and sport amazing beards to prove it.

Look at these two...
besties off and on screen. *tear of joy*

They must bond over brooding
because they both do it so well. :)

The second RA-Outlander connection I've made is with
Tobias Menzies, who plays both Frank and 
Black Jack Randall.

By the way... wouldn't Richard make a great Black Jack???
He plays bad guys so well!  (Think of a sadistic version of Gisborne.) 
With that being said, I do think that Tobias Menzies has been
playing his parts perfectly.  Plus, he's so charming and funny
in all of his interviews... I'm a fan.

Anyway, when I watched the first episode of Outlander,
Tobias looked familiar to me.  It wasn't until recently, when 
I looked him up on IMDb to do a lil' internet stalk-a-roo,
that I realized he played Andrew Lawrence (the Home Secretary)
in Spooks, Season 8.  In fact, he died with Ros in the explosion. *Sniff*

You can see both Richard and Tobias in this gut-wrenching scene:

There you have it, folks.

If you were hoping to find a connection involving
Armi in a kilt, click HERE and HERE 


Fanny/iz4blue said...

Outlander obsessed here too! LOVE the audiobooks - I had just re-acquainted myself with Tobias this summer in The Honourable Woman on BBC or Sundance Channel in the US (he played a charming bodyguard) It was a happy surprise to see him again in Outlander. I hadn't seen all the promos and trailers but have seen caught up and then some :) He's fantastic as Black Jack Randall but many fans aren't too pleased with all the Frankwank by Starz ;)
I'm new to the books only started reading after the 3rd episode aired, not counting two false starts before the show aired, I didn't take to Diana's writing style naturally. I'm hooked now though

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Oh as for Graham pkaying Dougal - one word : CORN :)

jazzbaby1 said...

Okay, what is the corn thing? :) Great post, Nat!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Hey Jazz you must have seen some reference on Graham's Twitter? Check his photos it's a whole meme thing and remember me mentioning that Ewan MacColl song The Maed Gaes to the Mill anyway Grinding Corn has a double meaning *cough* Dougal wants to have Claire - you gotta see Outlander if only for all the memes that have come out of it ;)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Fanny! We are now besties like Richard & Graham. ;) But yes... CORN. "I'd like nothing more than to grind yer corn." Say whaaaa? The memes! Twitter is the happenin' place right after an Outlander episode has aired. April can't come soon enough!!!

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