About the blog & blogger

Hello and welcome to the RA Fan Blog!
This is a light-hearted place to marvel at Richard Armitages's acting skills, drool over his good looks, and bond with other RA admirers. (No, you're not alone in your fandom... *hug*) Things are never too serious around here. :) If you are new to this blog, please browse away! It has been up and running since July 2009, so there are many posts to look over. Please check out a few of my favorite posts HERE, which also happen to be the most "creative" (aka: crazy/quirky) stuff.  Also, don't forget to check out the Stick-Figure Richard comics (based on RA and his work, videos listed below) and the list of "Enjoyable Blogs" and other RA sites further down the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by!

About Nat, the blogger:
My name is Natalie and I'm an American in my late twenties, living in a small town in the western United States. I have an awesome husband and 3 small children who I love to pieces.  (They think I'm pretty awesome too.)
I enjoy reading (mainly children's or young adult fantasy these days) and love watching movies~ especially period films, fantasy/adventure, and old musicals.  I also like to go camping and fishing with my family, take tons of photos of my kids and just hang out with family and friends.  I have a silly sense of humor, which usually appears on this blog.

I first discovered Richard Armitage in April of 2009, while watching "North & South" and immediately became a fan of his talent thanks to Thornton Syndrome.  I followed that up with the Robin Hood series and since then have seen most of his work.

This blog has become such a fun hobby!  I've loved meeting fellow RA fans and making friends from all over the world as a result.

Please don't hesitate to send your comments or questions my way!