RA Sites

Richard Armitage sites containing
photos, news and other info~

This site has a huge photo gallery.

This site provides the most updated news, in my opinion.
I love the art and screepcap galleries, as well as its other features.

I think of this site as the "RA library." It has the best index of Richard's work,
including detailed descriptions of each role, whether film, TV, voice, etc.

Richard Armitage ~ Russian Site
Wonderful website with tons of great pictures!
Use Google Translator HERE to see the site in your native language.
Just enter the site's URL into the box.

Specialty RA sites~

A fabulous site with a collection of fan-made RA videos,
ran by the lovely Elvira. Plus, there are polls, tips on making your own vid, etc.

A collection of photos, soundclips and links.

Just for fun~

Dick Heads (RA in hats)