Aug 12, 2009

First Poll Results

The first poll question was, Who is your favorite RA character?

The winner (by one vote) is...

Here are the official poll results:
John Thornton- 10 (40%)
Gisborne- 11 (44%)
Lucas North- 1 (4%)
Other- 3 (12%)

Choosing between John Thornton and Sir Guy is such a hard decision, no? Thank you to all of those who participated in voting! Be sure to cast your ballot in the latest poll. I am curious, who was your "other" favorite character, for those of you who selected it? (Click on "comments" below- it is available to anyone, open ID and anonymous included.)

Also, if you have a suggestion for a poll question, let me know!


rocksblogg said...

Fab blog sweetie!
Hes gorgeous as any character but John Thorton & Guy really do it for me!!

Lina said...

I would have voted for Thornton but only just found this blod so I guess I would have made it a draw :-)

phylly3 said...

I would have voted for JT (although I DO enjoy Gisborne) but I also have a soft spot for the character he played in Sparkhouse. So sweet!