Aug 14, 2009

Replace that face! (What talented fans can do with photoshop.)

Too funny... I found these pictures on facebook. A few fans have photoshopped some of Richard's scenes and put their own faces in place of the actress. (Isn't that what we'd all love to do~ step into those actresses' shoes?) I love the creativity! Check out the original and photoshoped versions~
North & South Original: North & South Redo:~Amazing work! This looks SO real!

Vicar of Dibley Original:

~FYI, the actress who plays the bride in the Vicar's nightmare is Keeley Hawes, wife of actor Matthew MacFadyen. So she's married to Darcy PLUS gets to play RA's bride!? Holy luckiness!!!

Vicar of Dibley Redo:

~If I were her, I'd send out wedding announcements with this picture! haha.


rocksblogg said...

hey sweetie
cheers for the comment,
hehe! these pics made me giggle!
...the things people can do these days! (that makes me sound really old I'm only 25!) need a picture of Master Armitage in the BBC prog Impressionists where he plays Monet, hes adorable in that!
whats dead cute about RA is he just dont realise how seductive hes look is!!!!!!
where abouts are you from m'love?

rocksblogg said...

ah! your from America, (although I do love England, as I'm lucky to live so close to London!) But I would so love to tavel around America & visit every state!!
I'm so looking forward to some of your posts in the future!
how did you first hear about RA? I didnt know he was so popular outside of the U.K, obv I'm happy that he is thou'!!!