Aug 4, 2009

Richard as Harry Kennedy

One of Richard's less-known, but very adorable characters is Harry in "The Vicar of Dibley," a British comedy. He's only in a couple episodes, but amazing! Check out a few of his scenes...
*Be sure to pause the background music (bottom of the screen) before watching this.*

Doesn't this make you want to watch the whole thing!?
I love RA's dark, brooding characters, but it's fun to see him play something light-hearted.
Click here if you want more info about the show:


mulubinba said...

This is the very first show i saw RA in so will always be the most special one for me. I've always loved VoD but the two finale specials were some of the best episodes. Nice little video - thanks for sharing!

VB said...

Me too - this programme introduced me to RA, and what wonderful memories it brought just watching those clips!