Aug 19, 2009

Stunt Doubles

Here is a picture of Toby Stephens (Prince John) and Richard Armitage with their RH stunt doubles!
It's not the best pic... it looks like one of the doubles took out their point-and-shoot camera and said, "Group Shot!" to document the event. Both doubles are a tad shorter... but I'm sure that doesn't matter when they're jumping onto horses or in the middle of a fight scene. (I like the goofy grin on PJ Double's face. Gisborne Double looks ticked.) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to dig up the Doubles' names. Anyone know?


Julia Phillips Smith said...

It's fun to see the doubles!

I've got a Richard's-roles retrospective over at my place for Thursday Thirteen. A birthday salute to someone who has given me a character for something I'm writing.

Starheart said...

That's just too funny. In this context the Gisborne costume is a little weird. Kinda like an american football uniform. The broad shoulders and the tight tight oh so tight pants.

OneMoreLurker said...

LOL! At first look, I thought RA's double was Jonas with a wig :S and somewhat the pic was a cast joke... until I read the description. :P