Sep 14, 2009

4th Poll Results~ Spooks Takes It.

Question: Future/Upcoming RA project you most want to see?

A record 97 people voted on this one.
(I think more will vote on the next one.)

Poll Results:
Spooks, Season 8- 35 (36%)
Strike Back- 12 (12%)
Charlie- 32 (32%)
None. More Romances, Please!- 18 (18%)

Two Words: LUCAS NORTH! Heck yeah.

Sorry, Charlie. So close, but no cigar!
(Maybe if certain forums didn't ban this blog from being mentioned, the outcome would've been different, eh?)

By the way... just so you're aware, once a poll question is posted and the first vote is cast, I'm not able to tamper with it at all. I could delete the poll off the blog, but am unable to mess with the votes, FYI.
Plus, as you've probably noticed, participants are only able to vote once from their computer, so hopefully this helps with accuracy.


Maria Grazia said...

I'm happy for this result. Lucas North is my best loved among Richard's characters, after my first love, of course, John Thornton. I've been fond of SPOOKS since Matthew MacFadyen times, that means series 1. Was it 2003? Then, when I heard Richard Armitage/ Lucas North would work at section D ... WOW! I can't miss an episode!
I voted Charlie, I must confess. I'm so interested in that project! Richard in Italy in a film set in WWII! It'd be a dream come true. Fingers crossed for the financial aspect of it!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I voted for "Charlie" too, Maria.

Starheart said...

Yeah, i voted for Charlie. But only because it's a movie, and we're only allowed to vote once. Go RA Go RA Go!

BTW that's a nice image of Lucas.

Mulubinba said...

I adore Lucas North!! Very pleased he won. Obviously I am interested in Charlie but I have some qualms about whether Mike Ogden is going to get it off the ground given the challenge he has with finances. Fingers crossed he can make this movie a reality.

Debra said...

I have not kept up on the status of the Charlie movie. Has he not secured the proper financing yet?

Last I heard, M Ogden was close?

I voted Spooks. My only concern is how many seasons will RA be allowed as the on screen hunk?

Judging by the past history of the show...they have a way of wacking the HOT MI5 male lead after a few seasons. OH I hope not...let him last a few more seasons - at least.

WitchyWoman said...

I totally agree Debra. I want Lucas in it for ages and not to be killed off. I would like him to find the happiness that elizabeta mentions in episode 2.
The scene when he finds out shes his handler. The way his feet are rooted to the spot. His face in shock and when you look at his hands that are down by his side you can tell that part of him wants to sweep her up and hug the living daylights out of her but he cant because she has betrayed him. They way he sways and his hands move you can see what he's feeling inside.

This is what Richard Armitage does. He makes me over analize everything.
Notice how when Lucas comes onto the grid with the box of doughnuts he apologizes to Malcolm for eating the chocolate one. The poor man hasnt had chocolate for 8yrs so he's bound to want that one over all the rest.
Oh and while I'm at it in that same episode I reckon Lucas trashed his apartment. On the mantlepiece he has a print by William Blake and that is the one item I noticed which hasnt been moved out of place.He loves Blake too much to just chuck it around.

Goes off now to make some Macaroons.

mulubinba said...

I keep trying to follow Mike O's Twitter stream and it seems to me he is still not getting the finance. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

As for Lucas - I am in good company here with Debra and Witchywoman who seem to be as keen on observing Lucas' career as I I hope they don't get rid of him too early ... I would like to see some romance for him in S8.

WitchyWoman said...

Yes mulubinba I would love to see a romance too but please not with Ros. I love Ros but really don't want them to get it together. Jo I could see but not Ros, ideally with someone else altogether out of work. Not sure if I want him and Elizabeta to get back together. I don't know about Lucas being cold under the skin. Elizabeta was pretty icey to me.

Oh and more Lucas in a suit please. As I am typing I can see the lovely pic Natalie has chosen on her blog for Lucas....and now the keyboard has drool on it lol.

I love this blog.

Randy said...

I tried to ask about mike's directing skills on the Charle Forum, because he hasn't directed a film before and got band from the forum. Whats going on where you can't ask a question. I'm very worried about this!!!!! I did some research and found no evidence of Mike Ogden direting any kind of film just producing, i'm not happy. Can someone ask the this question on the forum please.