Sep 21, 2009

5th Poll Results~ The Big Question Answered.

Poll Question: RA's personal life: okay for fans to discuss & share?
145 people voted and here are the results...
Yes, if done tastefully- 104 (71%)  No, off limits- 33 (22%)   Undecided- 8 (5%)

In honor of the latest poll results, here are a few more pictures of Richard Armitage with Annabel Capper, who may or may not be his girlfriend. (RA hasn't revealed who his live-in girlfriend is, but AC would be my guess.) I know I said I'd post links instead of photos, but oh well.  My blog.

First Pic: Children's BAFTA Awards- Nov. 2006- Hilton Hotel, London ("The Holy Grail" picture. haha.)
Second Pic: "Carrie's War" Premier- June 24, 2009- Apollo Theatre, London (Different pose from original photo.)
Apparently, the "Carrie's War" pictures were for sale on ebay and the thumbnail showed a cropped version of RA and a mystery woman. *Que suspenseful music.*

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is one of Richard posing solo at the "Carrie's War" Premier looking handsome as ever.

I was more curious to find out the results of this poll question than any other after THE PICTURE was posted a few weeks ago and sparked some debate. At the time, I didn't know RA's personal life was considered off-limits to some. Call me naive. I didn't belong to any forums. I thought, "Oh, cute picture..." *upload* and that was that. After receiving mixed reviews (the majority in favor of seeing these types of things, some very opposed) I wanted to know how you blog readers truthfully felt about the subject. Some may argue that Richard has asked for privacy. That is understandable, however, I don't think that applies to things he has openly discussed in interviews or posting pictures that have been taken at public events. (That is what was meant by "if done tastefully.") There are definite limits.
The Richard Armitage Fan Blog hasn't employed paparazzi or spies lurking around, waiting for a chance to capture an intimate moment. So those who have been fans far longer than others and think they are "Keepers of the Sacred Flame" (as one reader commented in an email) can relax. :)  To wrap things up, you can see from the poll results listed above, there are far more readers who share my point of view on the subject than don't.  FYI, I won't be posting much on RA's personal life, but if I come across anything interesting, you can be sure I'll share!  If you disapprove, there are plenty of RA forums with strict guidelines... I'm sure you'll feel at home there.  (Which brings me to my next poll question- be sure to vote!  I'm not rooting for a particular result in this case, just curious.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll! 
Thanks to those who sent pictures/info~ you know who you are. :)


Debra said...

Aaaww! Thanks Nat. Really sweet photos.

As for your latest poll. I had to vote YES.

Although I belong to various RA forums (but rarely post on a couple of them...)
I do enjoy reading about him (anywhere and) wherever possible.

You can never get TOO much of a good thing!!

And I think that we ALL definitely agree that Richard Armitage is a ver-r-ry "GOOD THING".

Fan Forums are the BEST source for getting the latest updates on new projects (and that is said about any celebrity).

So thank goodness for FAN FORUMS.

Jacqui said...

Lovely new pics Natalie. Frankly I'm not that interested/'obsessed' about a celebs personal life but if he/she happens to mention about it in interviews its fine with me. It's the character the actor plays or the show he's in I'm interested in. What I was puzzled about was the mysterie surrounding RA's 'girlfriend'. Judging from the Bafta pic they are already together for 3 years..!?
BTW Loved your little cartoon film of Richard on the beach! I used to make cartoons myself.. ;-)

Maria Grazia said...

I love RA in the totally black look in the older picture, since black is my favourite colour too. If the two pose, as it seems, for photos at public events, what's wrong with publishing them? These do not seem "stolen private moments". Anyhow, I prefer discussion about his work to discussion about his may/may not be girlfriend. More or less, what Jaqui said too.

bZirk said...

I voted 'yes' in the latest poll. I agree with Debra about fan forums, and I really appreciate the people who run them. I know I would not want the hassle.

That said, I think it's fine to speak of someone's personal life to a point. Like you I'm not really that interested but if something of interest pops up now and then, maybe it's worth reading -- just not obsessing over as Jacqui mentioned, which I'm sure you won't do.

Frankly, people are pretty much all the same, so I'm hard pressed to think that Richard Armitage has something so amazing going on in his personal life that I'm going to be interested in it. No offense to him at all. He is an interesting person, but I'm interested in how he has developed as a professional actor and that's pretty much all I'm interested in concerning his private life.

When I think there are people who really are interested in knowing all the details of his life, it's sad to me. They need to get a life 'cause talking about this stuff is fun and a bit of fluff. Yeah, I'm saying that again. Apparently, some people forget that too easily. LOL!

BTW, I love your attitude -- curious but not sweatin' it if someone has a differing opinion. Good! Keep it up.

Plus, Ioit would be a dull world if we all agreed. :D

VB said...

Thanks for the photos.

I voted "no". I did frequent the forums and really enjoyed the discussions about his work, him etc. What I hated was the clique-ness of them, the bullying attitude toward people who didn't toe the line; the beliefs some people seemed to have that RA was "theirs" and they almost seemed to mourn the fact that he was in a relationship and the refusal to discuss it, as though to do so would make it all go away.

I belong to another fan forum and have not come across this attitude elsewhere at all.

RA is lovely though!

Traxy said...

I would've voted yes, if I had seen the poll in time, because I'm quite curious about who she is. Mainly because he's keeping it hidden, I think. It's the whole thing where you tell yourself you can't have chocolate under no circumstances - and then you've never had a worse chocolate craving in your life! Because that's how the mind works. She's chocolate, and he's decided we can't have any, and so therefore, we sort of get slightly obsessed by trying to figure out who this mystery lady is who has captured the heart of the man who's stolen ours! :)

I'm happy he has a long-time girlfriend, because he seems to be such a nice guy and he deserves to be happy. I'm the sort of fan who sees a picture of the two together and react with an "nawww aren't they sweet together?" and that's about it. If he said publically that it's AC, would it change anything? Not more than that we can finally drop the subject from our thoughts, see a few pics of them together, say "nawww", be secretly jealous of her even if we're happily married, and... well, that'd be it. I don't know if he has any erotomaniacs or stalkers after him, they might feel "slightly" different on the subject.

The fact that there's speculation amongst fans is only because he refuses to reveal who she is. If AC is RA's g/f for real, then... well... good for them, I say! They look really sweet together. :) (although on the piccy on the right, she reminds me of my sister-in-law... but it definitely isn't her! Wow, fancy having RA as an in-law, eh? *giggle*)

Yes, privacy is important, but would we be less respectful of him (or her) if we knew who she is? Rather I'd say she'd be quite welcomed by the fans, because of course, if he's happy, we should be happy for him, right?

Err I dunno if I'm making any sense anymore. I should go to bed, it's getting late! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Traxy. You've made some excellent comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat - I totally agree with you. I have been a fan for some years and whilst I totally respect RA's right to privacy, I do feel that if he puts facts in interviews about his private life and if he is seen at public events with his girlfriend, whether its Annie Capper or not then he must feel that its OK to be public about it. That is his choice. He is also I am sure savvy enough to know how information is spread in this day and age. He has in the past been very discreet about personal questions and again has diplomatically avoided such questions in interviews. I am sure that he now feels more comfortable about being more open. Again that is his choice. I think all who are genuine fans will want to see him happy and therefore it is only natural that they should be curious about his personal life. We care about him that's all.

I don't agree with a certain forum being overly strict about discussing or even commenting about things he has put in the public domain. I certainly agree that whatever is done should be done in a respectful and courteous way and welcome your posting of the pictures. Thank you.

Good luck RA in your professional and personal life and I hope you will find true happiness in both. You have given so much to so many people and our lives are the richer for it.


Starheart said...

Those are sweet photos, and they were taken in a public place too. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I reckon if you don't want to see it, don't go there! And just because something is there doesn't mean it can be bandied around too. Public photos with his gf I'll look at out of curiosity, but I won't watch *those* scenes in 'Between the Sheets'. Each to their own.

Interesting poll, Nat. Keep up the good work!

loriBear said...

I had voted that discussion of his life can be done, if done with respect. And if your standard is to only talk about what has been made public either in interviews or pictures taken with permission or in public places, then I feel you are respecting his privacy. (being that you are allowing him to decide on what's acceptable and what is not)

I frequent forums, mainly to discuss my favorite movie and book, N&S. I agree they all can be cliquish and there are those that tend to be possessive. So it is why I have limited my participation. Yet at the same time, I have met some wonderful people, read some fabulous fanfics and learned alot about history. So as always there is good and bad!

Love your blog though Nat! Thanks for doing it. I think RA would be proud.

debRA said...

Hi. A very interesting discussion. Thanks for the opportunity. I thought I'd just better make sure of something which could be confusing, though. My name's debRA and I'm a moderator on the Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central. Our policy is that we don't discuss Richard's private life. This is something I completely agree with. In fact, it's one of the reasons I like our forum so much. To me, an actor is a professional doing a job and his or her private life has as much relevance to that as a doctor's or a plumber's has to theirs. I've noticed that the first comment here is from debra - whose views are very different to mine and I just wanted to be sure there's no confusion.

Good luck with the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, DebRA. Richard seems to be protective of his privacy and his loved ones, and I can respect that.

Posting two photos of him posing in a public place with a woman is not an invasion of his privacy, so I don't have any problem with that. So far all the comments about the lady have been supportive and positive, which is how it should be. No woman (girlfriend or not) should have to endure impolite comments from RA's fans.

On the other hand, some fans get carried away with too much speculating and making sometimes unkind comments, which is something I definitely do not approve of, and I think the forums all try to do a good job of avoiding that sort of discussion.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I knew Debra was different from debRA (since I know both of you online) but others might not have, so thanks for clarifying.

I don't mind differing opinions on the subject of RA's personal life, but I wouldn't appreciate nasty comments about any lady he is photographed with, so I'd probably draw the line there. We can all be respectful. :)

bZirk said...

I love differing opinions! Keeps all of us on our toes and keeps things interesting.

Anonymous said...

I voted no because discussions about an actor's private life have the potential to run out of control quickly and can become very unpleasant. I have seen this on boards like IMDb, not only RA's board but other actor's as well. It can lead to wild speculation and rumours being spread without any foundation but can also lead to hatred towards the favourite actor's partner. I think this might be one of the reasons why RA's private life is off limits on the big RA boards.

As long as everyone sticks to what is already out in the public domain and comment are sensible and well meaning as they are on this blog everything is fine. I do think that a little bit of curiousity is human and being denied any info can make the fantasy running wild and agree that they look nice together and would be happy for them should they indeed be a couple.

However, in RA's case we just don't how protective he really is with regards to his privacy. We know that he wouldn't name his girlfriend and wouldn't take her to a big event with TV cameras present like the BAFTAs but would an event like that premiere or the other event be small and private enough to bring her or not? Or would he prefer to bring a good friend instead? I honestly don't know!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous (just above my post) I have seen the same wild speculation gone out of control on IMDb and other boards, and for many actors, not just RA. It sometimes gets crazy and can be quite upsetting to many fans. Some of the speculation is malicious pot-stirring rather than anything borne out of genuine curiosity.

As long as the fans are tasteful and stick with things that are public, like interviews and photos he's posed for, then there isn't much of a problem. Fortunately the comments on this blog have all been well-meaning, and let's all hope it stays that way!

endorwitch said...

In the new poll (about fan forums) i voted Not a Member.....but I honestly dont know how long that will last. I am trying to resist the urge to join one because i do so very much want to natter about him ALL THE TIME. My poor work mates suffer a great deal atm! :D
Re discussing RAs private life - i voted Yes If tastefully done. I dont want to know every last thing about him if its already out there are we supposed to ignore it?

Sue said...

I think the new Pic you've published of himself and Annie together looks very natural, he looks more at ease in that photo than he does in the latest one taken this year at Carrie's War.

Must admit I didn't like that suit he was wearing. Surely now he's earning a few bob he can ditch the Oxfam suits! He looked like a sack of spuds in that one!

By the way I think Richard Armitage followers should rebrand themselves. How about "DICK'S DAMSELS" instead? (Well it's an improvement on "Dick Head" anyway!

Traxy said...

"As long as the fans are tasteful and stick with things that are public, like interviews and photos he's posed for, then there isn't much of a problem." --- Absolutely agree! :)

People who'd post really nasty comments about his lady just because she's his lady... that's just wrong! :(

Anonymous said...

I see that AC is wearing a ring on her left hand in the new pic you posted. Could be just a dress ring. Hiding her hand on the later pic, so can't tell. Am I the only one to notice this? Or will I be banned for mentioning such a thing?

Anonymous said...

no I noticed both of them....

Joan Crenshaw said...

I wish them happiness -- and they do look happy! Can't ask for more than that.

Anonymous said...

I vote yes, but keeping within respectable arm's length and factual vs. speculative...however, "give an inch and they take a mile". If RA/AC are a normal, healthy and loving couple, I image keeping his private life under wrap may be as much driven by her choice/wishes as his. She has talent and a career of her own. The press/public can be overwhelming and cruel. Given his popularity due to acting skills and visual and emotive magnetism, she would be put under a magnifying glass that no woman with pride would want to be subjected to. I have no doubt she's a class act and I respect and admire RA for far more than what gave him his celebrity status.

Debra said...

I agree with that last Anonymous statement. Especially the speculation that this friend may not particularly care to be in the spotlight?

I remember the original sequence of photos...she was in about the first four...then she appears to turn and say something to him. She then walks away as he is signing autographs and later having the two single photos taken at the red rope (one is seen on this post).

Anonymous said...

Posting pics of people that we love is not an invasion of privacy!!! No one in this life lives under a rock thanks to the internet!! I agree if he consents to nude scenes in Between the Sheets, what is wrong with a picture of someone you love!! There seems to be boundary confusion here!

endorwitch said...

i wanna know who the poor person who vote dthe had been banned on the forums. WOW! i am shocked!

Unknown said...

In all honesty, he alone is responsible for the speculation surrounding his private life! He talks about a girlfriend in interviews and shows up with a male agent at televised award ceremonies!! What man does this? I will continue to watch his work but ,my opinion of him as a MATURE man has diminished.

Debra said...

I can see your point Gladys. I am baffled by this topic (myself)??

The privacy issue (in particular).

I have heard the opinions from both sides, but haven't seen (in print) WHERE he (himself) objected to the photos of him with his agent, or photos with his lady friend being published or discussed?

Does anyone know where his statement about this matter is written?

I saw tons of nasty comments on a media blog...which sparked a huge uproar among his fans.

Was this the turning point to the privacy issue??

I'm guessing that it must have had something to do with it?

Just a little curious?

Unknown said...

Debra, maybe maturity was a wrong word, COMMON SENSE would have been a better word! You tell the world by your actions , living with this young lady, that you love her, then WHY isn't she by your side? He has to take responsibility for the fan backlash in this area of his life! Most of his fans are ladies, so be careful Richard! Also all these pictures about a year ago could have prevented all the nonsense of this year!

Debra said...

I believe the pictures have been around since they were taken. I've read references on forums/blogs to them. but they evidently were posted and removed (for whatever reason)?

This causes one to wonder about motives/reasoning (also)?

Me? I don't have a clue?

I just know that I like Richard as an actor.


***(give me a minute to duck and take cover)***

I really enjoy seeing what he does when he's not performing. And personally wish that whatever stirred all the "secrecy bologna" would go away (once and for all).

Anonymous said...

I can understand totally that if Richard's girlfriend was just a member of the public that he would be protective and not want her pictures plastered all over the Internet.

But, if his girlfriend, wife, partner or significant other IS Annabel Capper, why all the secrecy? She is an actress who works in theater, and should be used to having to attend premieres, and public occasions etc. where she will have her photograph taken as that's part of the job that goes along with it.

Surely if you want that much privacy, you don't become a actor/actress you'd choose a profession that the public don't know you?

Maybe I'm wrong and just not getting the point of all this.

Anonymous said...

I think that the reason these photographs taken of Richard and his "significant other" have now been revealed is because gay rumours were beginning to circulate and whether true or not they could and would have a detrimental effect on his career.

As for whether Annabel is his girlfriend or not "frankly my dear I don't give a damn!"

Anonymous said...

If you read the Times interview that has been linked somewhere, RA describes himself as someone who is shy and doesn't like to be observed and doesn't like red carpet events. I think few serious actors became actors for fame and probably didn't even expected to become famous enough that anyone would ever be interested in their person or private life. Being watched while in character and having the performance dissected by the audience is something completely different. I once read an interview with a well known actor who also was a singer in a band but gave that up because he couldn't stand being on a stage as himself.

As to the pictures, I don't think they have been "revealed". RA and AC didn't pose for the professional photographer that were there, but could easily have done so, had he wanted to make a statement that he's dating a woman. That pics were made by someone who often sells celeb pics on ebay. It was a pure coincidence that he "caught" them and some time later a buyer made the pics public. I think a few people might already have seen them, but they weren't posted anywhere for copyright reasons.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't think RA had any way of knowing that this person would be there taking photographs, or that they'd be selling them on eBay. Only posing for some eBay seller, when a professional photographer was right there, seems like a very inefficient way to be "seen" with a lady.

Debra said...

Thanks anonymous poster (whoever you are)?

These are all questions that I have pondered myself.

But, I wonder how many red carpet events that he has been to where there weren't fans and photographers present?

Surely he knew that there were going to be photos taken?

Now about selling them on Ebay?

The person who shared them with us, evidently purchased the pictures.

So doesn't that give that person the right to do with them what they wish?

I think the copyright issue (when it's done on a personal - not professional basis) protects the buyer? I could be wrong? I've never entered a agreement like that or purchased celebrity photos on Ebay.

Does anyone know?

And I'm still wondering where HE issued the statement about removing pictures of him when seen with his friends/agent or whomever he's seen with in public??

***I'm loving this topic (BTW). It has really answered a lot of questions for me.***

Anonymous said...

I know at least one person that has bought the pics from ebay who didn't share the pictures publicly because the seller asked her not to do so and she respected his/her wishes. What is the point in selling something that is available for free somewhere else? And some buyers may have enjoyed to own something that is not available to everyone?

Same with watermarked pictures. The big boards don't allow to post watermarked pictures but to link to them. This rules stands for all pics, normal photoshots as well as the pics of RA and AC at the Kids BAFTAs. After some time they disappeared from the site of the agency. I don't think RA has ever said that he doesn't want those pictures to be shown, after all he did pose for them, they weren't taken without his consent. But I can easily imagine that he doesn't feel comfortable with people discussing his private live, I certainly wouldn't.

Debra said...

Thanks anonymous.


I'm so-o-o glad that Nat gives a place to ask these questions.

I have been wondering about all of these things for some time now.

Anonymous said...

To elaborate on the previous Anonymous's statements, a photographer can sell the physical prints of their work, without transferring copyright. So the buyers on eBay were just buying copies of the photos, but not buying "publishing rights." (It's like when you buy a DVD or an MP3, it doesn't give you the right to share a copy of it online with everyone.)

Anonymous said...

agree with copyright issue similar to dvds. But, to be fair, as soon as dvd with richard is released, or any program with richard is aired, it ends up on the net to be viewed by all. And it is richard's fans who put them up.

Hence, we cannot have double standards

Anonymous said...

The big fanboards and fansites would never put up whole films or series. Only ever clips to encourage people to buy DVDs as soon as they are out. Besides, copyright is not just an abstract moral question (or as some may think in this case an excuse). Owner of websites, forums and blogs have been sued for using copyrighted material.

What is not allowed on the board is speculation about his private life. What is publicly available like articles or pictures can be posted or linked, but it is not allowed to comment much, especially to speculate about something that is not in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think anyone is making a value judgement about posting the pictures. But there is a reason that many of the buyers of the eBay photos didn't post them, and that is because the photographer was within their rights (by law) to ask them not to.

Message boards like Proboards can shut down an individual forum if it breaks copyright law, so this is why the fan forums try to be careful about avoiding posting whole movies or shows. I'm certain that they have avoided publishing the eBay photos as well, for the same reason. One complaint from the photographer to Proboards, and who knows what might happen. It's not worth the risk.

Debra said...

Thank you all for the input. If this is all true...I guess that we should enjoy our blogs and forums (while we can), because (I hope that I'm wrong?) I'm guessing that someone holds the Copy Right to about 80% - 90% of the pictures/screencaps/information that is shared?

It's just a matter of time before one of them becomes fed up and starts shutting them down?

Gee what an AWFUL thought!!! I sure hope that doesn't happen?

I would sure MISS getting Richard updates.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Richard and his agents are in a hole and should stop digging!

AM The Obscure said...

He did indeed create the speculation with the whole gf situation. And now that I see them together I find him less attractive which is just silly, I know. As for his privacy (and the blogger posting these pics) - if he wanted a private life he wouldn't be an actor. Duality of man.

Jacqui said...

I just read this is some article the daily mail..
He admits ruefully that the live-in girlfriend he mentioned in previous interviews has recently moved out. A casualty, he implies, of such a fast-paced professional life.

:( :( :(
Poor RA..

Read more:

Avalon said...

I think your taboo section is tasteful and not at all tacky. It is interesting to know some personal things about the real person playing your favorite roles.

Debra said...

I'm so sorry to read that part of the article. Sometimes, work can be a big strain on a relationship? I don't know if that had anything to do with it?

I know that we all joke around on the blogs about what we would like to do with him (given the chance). And, it's all in fun, but I hope that he finds the person who will truly make him happy (soon).

Wishing you all the best, Mr. Armitage.

Jayling said...

He's gay, trust me. I know someone on the Spooks production team, and it's an open secret with them.

agnor said...

I don't care if he is gay or not. The only thing I really would like to know, I really care about, if whether he is happy, not only in his career, but in his personal life as well

Kaitlyn said...

Not that it matters of course but are you sure? Would you mind sharing your sources? And why would he hide it? He seems genuine and honest. It's no one's business for sure and has nothing to do with his acting but still. Hasn't he spoken about being attracted to women in the past though and wanting a wife and children? I don't think we should speculate. And if you do have insider information I wouldn't talk about it.