Sep 10, 2009

An acutal photo of the couple.

Here is a picture of Mr. Armitage and his (maybe) girlfriend, Annabel Capper,
taken at the premiere of a play this year. I think they make a nice pair.A link to this picture was provided by an anonymous commenter... thank you!
(Maybe that secret person was Annabel herself wanting to show herself and her studly man together? Haha, kidding!) RA is lookin' mighty handsome, I must say, with that unbuttoned white shirt and Lucas North haircut. Ooo-eee! What is in Annie's (if RA can call her that, so can we) giant bag? A baseball bat to ward off the crazy fans coming after her beau?


Anonymous said...

The pics at Carrie's war do point in Annabel being Richard's girlfriend.

But are we sure? In the first interview he mentioned, he was in love with one of his cast-mates in CATS. It is in this article he mentions how they have been friends for many, many years and how he has fallen for her and is scared it would not work out.

Another article that came around in 08 during spooks publicity mentioned

If Annabel is indeed his girlfriend, it looks like the relationship with CATS cast-mate did not work out.

There has been extensive discussion on this topic at another board (with all the fights galore!)

In some of the latter posts I was reading there, people went through the chronology based upon publicly shared info on his girlfriend and it appeared as if CATS lady was his gf.

But, Annabel is the only woman he has been seen with publicly.

Maria Grazia said...

Help! I can't bear the sight. They look like an old married couple. Ouch!
I definitely prefer to enjoy his performances. This kind of gossip is pointless and ... it spoils the magic. At least, this is my opinion. Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the blog-owner for having guts to raise the topic and post some nice pic. Please do be aware that some in the RA community may not look too kindly at this topic

Maria - I did not understand your comment about gossip. What gossip?

kristi said...

Some may not like it, but no one is saying anything bad! It's all speculation anyways. If people were tearing them down as a couple, then that would warrant being upset.

Anyways, couple or no, they make a pretty pairing. RA looks dashing as ever in that photo!

Maria Grazia said...

I just wanted to say that speculating about private bits of other people's private lives (gossip) is something I'm not particularly interested in. Anybody else is free to act differently from me.
By saying that this pic and chatting about it spoil the magic, I mean that I prefer to follow Richard's career and read what he wants us to know about his person, personality and private life. All the rest ... I'm simply not interested in or I prefer to imagine it as ...perfect. I'm neither upset nor jealous. And I didn't mean to offend anybody.
I hope he is happy with or without an Annabel.

Anonymous said...


I respect your viewpoint. I also followed your guideline - prefer to read and discuss what he has shared with us. The links I posted are the interviews where he shares info on his private life.

Cheers. The picture is wonderful and gives goosebumps. Thank you to the posters who brought this pic out. Wonderful!

PS: I will not hijack Kristo's wonderful blog anymore. Cheers to all:-)!

Anonymous said...

I used to like this blog,but now I'm sad to say that it looks just like a trash gossip magazine....sorry!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Maria, I can understand what you'd mean by "spoil the magic."
I respect your opinion, but I thought these photos were interesting. Most of the time, I prefer not to know about a favorite actor's significant others, but usually my curiosity gets the best of me.
Sorry to offend/annoy anyone. I will keep the personal life stuff to a minimum... but if I find something I think is interesting, I'm going to post it.
Thanks, Nat

tully2shoes said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog today, and quite honestly, was pleased to see something about Mr. Armitage's personal life. It makes your blog that more interesting and not at all trashy. You shouldn't have to apologize for posting the photo of Mr. Armitage and his possible girlfriend. What's the harm? The reader that said your blog looks like "a trash gossip magazine" must not have seen the rest of the blog's content.
Anyway, I'm an American RA fan who is a little less lonely after finding your well developed blog:) Keep up the good work!

Maria Grazia said...

I'm sorry Nat, but I really wanted just to describe my reaction at seeing this photo. I'm so sorry I brought all these quite nasty reactions. I really like your blog. I've been so happy at discovering it. I don't think I must apologize for saying what I think and you absolutely MUSTN'T apologize for posting what you like. And...Tully, I'm afraid you misunderstood me 'cause I didn't mention any "trash gossip magazine". Nat's blog is very sober. I - and this is the last time I'll try to explain - wanted just to describe my reaction at seeing this photo. For example, my reaction at Nat's yesterday's post was different. Maybe because the photos were less ... "private".
Nat, please, I'm not annoyed nor offended. Let's stop it here. This incident has led to an interesting exchange of opinions but ...let's make it finish.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Tully was referring not to your comments, but the the comment left above by an anonymous blogger who referred to this blog looking like a "trash gossip magazine."
I do not in any way think you started these "debates" about the subject... I think it is a sensitive subject amongst RA fans who get very protective over Richard and his personal life. I appreciate and respect your honesty. (I had to laugh at your "old married couple" comment because it's true!) When I apologized to those I'd annoyed, I meant it as, "Sorry if you don't like it, but nobody is forcing you to read it!" kind of thing. I don't feel badly about posting what I post, just that some people are less respectful than you when voicing their views. No hard feelings!!! :)

YAY for another American fan! :)

Maria Grazia said...

Ooops! I hadn't noticed the anonymous comment! ANd I thought I had been totally misunderstood! Thanks for clearing it up Nat! I do love your blog!

tully2shoes said...

Maria, I just want to correct the record, for myself. I was responding to:
"Anonymous said...
I used to like this blog,but now I'm sad to say that it looks just like a trash gossip magazine....sorry!"
September 10, 2009 12:30 PM

That's it for me. This is getting messy.

Debra said...

I love the picture. They both look so happy.

Thanks for posting it.
I have the other photo of them on my hard drive and they make a great looking couple.

I'm so glad that they look more comfortable about being photographed in public. It's a sweet picture

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's very uncool posting about his private life. He has gone to great lengths (and said publicly that he wishes) to keep his GF out of the media spotlight. You should respect his privacy whilst he has the chance to indulge in it. Anyway, no-one yet knows if AC is his GF which makes this post even worse.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Think what you want, "anonymous."
Haven't you ever been curious about who RA's live-in GF is? I bet you've done some online searching yourself. ha! :)
No need to be dramatic. We all love RA. Let's be friends.

Anonymous said...

At long last! You've finally put me out of my misery! Now that wasn't painfull now was it girls!

Covering up her left hand rather carefully! Okay, Okay, no more gossip I promise!

Debra said...

Unless Richard, his GF, or his representatives are blogging as Annonymous, then I would not take that ANNONYMOUS comment to heart?

**Because, as an actor, I love him and respect him.

But, until he puts a personal comment out about being seen in public with his lady friend, I will continue to believe that they have decided to start making their relationship public. And BRAVO to them for it.

He should be PROUD to show her off. She's lovely.

And from what I've read about her in her stage BIOS and comments, she's very intelligent and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Thx for posting info on RA's girlfriend. It is so good to know he has someone in his life.

They seem to be a cute and strong couple (have to be to survive all the absences and a few very crazy fans)

You are doing a great service as there have been very strong rumors that he was gay and hiding it. That the girlfriend is a fiction.

This refutes all the nastiness. You have done a great service

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to any garbage from bully's and naysayers of typical fansites. You go girl and post away, anything you see fit.

It's actually not cool at all for anyone to try to control anything someone else wants to post on the net. Caveat Emptor and keep your nose and opinion to yourself people!

It's a typical fangirl site trying to once again control everyone on the net! It's all about information control, who has it, who wants and who is dumb enough to think they can keep it.

Pathteic fansites think they own their idol...give me a break!

I say, thanks for the pic from the REAL world!

Jacqui said...

Richards GF currently in this play,

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken that article is from 2006?

Anonymous said...

I donated the pic and I am glad you made it public. If RA wanted us to never know about his significant other she would have to live in an Ivory tower.

I think it is great he has someone. They look very happy together and it does not spoil the magic for me in the least.

Debra said...

Thanks for sharing Anonymous.

I feel the same.

I'm happy that he has (what seems to be) a very happy, fulfilling life, and I hope that he has someone to share it with.


Starheart said...

Gee what a storm of earlier comments. This one is nothing deep and meaningful.

What a massive monster of a bag she's carrying. She's so good. I would have off-loaded it onto my significant-other in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

I'm past caring! Roll on Richard Armitage obscurity.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much in agreement with the poster who says it is very uncool to post this picture on the net. Richard has been at great pains to keep Annabel out of the 'public eye'. I read the speculation on another board about his lack of a female escort at the media events he attended. Those events were big events with a big media presence and I do not blame him one bit for not bring Annabel out to play on such occasions. Having heard about the comments about her level of attractiveness when a picture of her was posted on another board and how derogatory they were, well, my heart went out to him and I was glad he was so protective of her. The comments I read weren't very nice.

As a group of fans we RA fans seem to have such a strong sense of ownership over Richard and with this perhaps comes a sense of entitlement. That we deserve to know every little thing about Richard and when we don't we go to extraordinary lengths to gain that information. Does it make any difference to our lives that we know what Annabel Capper looks like. Richard had told us previously he has a girlfriend, he had told us previously that he has moved in with his girlfriend. And still the speculation persisted?!! Was it not enough that Richard told us?

Please please please do not post any more of these pictures of Richard and his girlfriend. We as fans can survive as fans without knowing every last thing about him and his life. Could we not just leave his this one bit of his life that is his and his alone?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Dear "Anonymous" (just above),
First of all, thank you for expressing your opinion in a polite way.
Secondly, I don't agree that it's uncool to post this pic. It's available many other places online. I do not have the sole copy. I found it interesting, so I posted it.
Third, I totally agree that RA fans have a sense of ownership... and most of the in-crowd (or fans who have been around since the beginning of his career) think THEY have the right to know about his personal life, but nobody else. Then they act as watchdogs, making sure nobody dares to tread on forbidden ground. That is the ownership I've experienced lately. There are many RA police out there and I'm not afraid of them. :)
Fourth, if RA is really that paranoid about his relationship with AC, why would they attend a public event, knowing fans/photographers would be around?
I could go on, but let's just agree to disagree.

tully2shoes said...

To Anonymous:

Please don't presume to speak for me. I, personally, don't have a strong sense of ownership when it comes to RA. I just fail to understand what the big uproar about this photo is all about. Good thing you weren't around (maybe you were) during Beatlemania:) I say...chill out.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how many people here happened to follow the links provided in the first comment? Apparently RA has made some comments about his girlfriend that point into a different direction. Of course things could have changed since then or he could have been misquoted but that's the reason why I wouldn't take for granted that AC is his girlfriend even if that pic gives the impression.

Jacqui said...

What I don't understand is the 'histeria' surrounding this issue of keeping the fact that AC is RA's girlfriend a 'secret'. When RA appears in public, like at the Bafta's or the 'This morning' studio, we see pics appear on the RA forums and read personal stories in detail of the fans who were there. Why didn't we see any pics or read the experiences of fans on this event? Like Carol i'm curious too. Who decides what/when the privacy of this particular celeb is invaded? If RA willingly posed for pics with his partner AC maybe he assumed these pics would find their way into the fandom and onto the various forums. In stead the pics have been withheld out of some kind of misplaced feeling of discretion. Leaving many fans with unanswered questions leading to endless speculation.

Debra said...

"ENDLESS" speculation...I'm so-o-o-o tired of it!!!

I agree Jacqui.

***nodding head in total agreement****

Jacqui said...

These are the lyrics of a song called Annabel was a big hit in Holland ;-)

I believe its on Youtube aswell..

VB said...

Thank you for your blog .... so nice that someone has set up somewhere about the divine RA which accepts that he is human and may actually care for someone real to him, rather than all this pretence that he is not attached just so they can continue to dream! It makes me so happy to think he has someone to come home to and to unload about his days to - a companion! He deserves it.

Anonymous said...

@Jacqi: Do you assume that fans were there but didn't report? I don't think so. I don't think anyone knew of this event and that he would attend beforehand? It was much smaller than something like the BAFTAs or let's say the premier of a big screen movie. Pics only turned up later via a picture agency and than those pics with the lady obviously cropped out on ebay and were mentioned and discussed at the forums.

Anonymous said...

Annie in the series Sensitive Skin on the BBC. She plays an Australian in this.She's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be .......

Debra said...

Thanks for the clip...that was hilarious.

She's rather good in that role. Isn't she?

Jacqui said...

Anonymousy: Can't recall those pics being discussed/mentioned on the forums RAC, C19 or AA..? Or did I miss something..? Can't see Youtube clips from this pc..

Anonymous said...

Has anyone wondered what the very large handbag may be covering?
Could it be an addition to the pair? That would be great wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, according to today's Daily Mail article, Richard's live-in girlfriend has moved out.

Anonymous said...

I personally very exited of your blog and of course of the pictures from real life!(Sorry my faults, my English isn't perfect at all!)
You have made a really good thing! It was impossible to find any information about RA private life and to see some pics before! There are the majority of forums and blogs, which say -oh, do not discuss it, shame on you... So if somebody is against, he or she could definitely come to these pages! It must be at least one blog with another position! and I am happy to find it here! What is about RA rule for privacy-I am sure, that in case he would like to hidden his girlfriend, he would not appear on public events with her! It is not only the fotos, it is tooo many people, who could see them, recognize her etc. I think that RA wanted that time some publicity. And two months later he said that they splitet up. So maby this was the reason to show this woman. Not gf any more, no secrets... Who knows?
I personally very surprised about the fact, that there is not any RA fotos from real life! Is it usual and normal for England to keep silence and to think about privasy all time? Or maiby there are not any paparazzi at all, or they are so respectfull and shy? nobody has seen him entering supermarket or restaurant or jogging in park? Or he just sits home all day long it his free time? In Ukraine, where I live now,this situation with fotos and infos is absolutily impossible! How does it really go in your country?

mantaray said...

Hi Nat, im new here, i really like your site its very easy to navigate, very informative and fun.

I think this discussion is fascinating, reading all the different comments has certainly make me think on this subject.

I of course admire RA cus of his acting but after seeing interviews of him and seeing wot a nice guy he is i cant help but be curious as to wether he has a gf or whatever, its human nature. When you meet people its one of the first things you wonder bout them.

I'd really like to know that RA's with someone and happy, i felt quite sorry for him when i read his gf had moved out, if its AC and they are back together then that would be wonderful for him, but if they are good friends then good for her for being there for him.

I can't seem to access the articles above that have been quoted, ive tried getting them on the daily mail site but to no avail. Is it poss you could send them to me or repost them?

Anonymous said...

She's mugly.

vueduciel said...

J'ai vraiment aimé ce film le hobbit je trouve que les acteurs étaient adapté a ce film, et je trouve que Richard Armitage était bien dans la peau du roi , et vraiment avec le maquillage et tout il était un autre homme, j'ai vraiment aimé le film, que je l'ai vu et revu, meilleur que le seigneur des agneau même l'acteur qui jouait le hobbit était vraiment kool, bon film, et je suis contente que richard armitage soit en couple ,

Anonymous said...

That woman looks more like actress/writer/etc. Jessica Hynes.

Shreeja said...

His Girlfriend was a girl named belle dowson..he mentioned being in love with his CATS co-star who was a dancer and this girl fits the description perfectly!!